Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves

by ROGER HEUMANN on Aug 21, 2021

Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves - Olympia Gloves

A year-round rider from Northern Minnesota told us recently ...

“I love the outdoors … and the gear that gets me there”.  But it can be a challenge to keep warm, riding in those frigid Minnesota winters.

What’s the best cold weather motorcycle glove? It sounds like a simple question, but there is no one answer.

  • You may be out for an hour or two … or all day. 
  • You may have heated grips, or not.
  • The day may be wet and windy, or sunny. 
  • Your commute may start before dawn or end in the dark.

Every rider has different needs! But, there is a way to choose.

Use our 2020-2021 Motorcycle Glove Buyer’s Guide (below) — pick the glove that best suits the conditions and way you ride — and works for your budget.

Oh, yes … and check online reviews. Hearing what other riders have to say, is usually the best indicator that a glove will go the distance. more

Winter Gloves: Guide To Most Important Features

All cold weather gloves have some combination of common features. Bottom line, there are two basic rules — keep hands dry, and trap body heat, to keep hands warm.

To make an informed choice, here are the options:

Waterproof Options:

Special inserts are stitched between the outside of a glove and the inner lining, and all seams are sealed.

Waterproof glove inserts come in 3 different quality levels:  Gore-Tex® is the leader in waterproof, windproof and breathable technology … but you can be very warm and happy in an Aquatex or Dri-Lock glove, too. 

It’s a matter of budget and personal preference — the difference is the ability to manage moisture (“breathable”), and let sweat evaporate from your hands.  We think it’s worth it, but each rider has to make that call.

GoreTex®: BEST (waterproof, windproof, breathable)

Aquatex: VERY GOOD (waterproof, windproof, breathable)

Dri-Lock: GOOD (waterproof, windproof, not breathable)

Windproof Options:

Similar to the inserts that make gloves waterproof — described above — an insert that has special wind blocking features is added between the outer and inner layers. Common names for this windproof material are Windstopper® and WindTex. Both are effective.

Insulation and Construction:

The goal of a good winter glove is to trap body heat in, and keep cold out: First, with specifc insulation, such as PrimaLoft® and Thinsulate®,  and Thermolite.Then, with construction that adds warmth where you need it most — i.e. extra insulation on the backs of hands or fingertips, and less on the palms for instance, for heated grips.

Other Helpful Winter Glove Features:

Here’s a guide to some of the features you’ll find in a winter riding glove — and why they might be worth paying for.

Leather: It’s hard to beat mother nature … Leather is naturally windproof.

Moisture Managed Lining: Good to wick moisture away, and keep hands dry.

Shield wipers: Convenient on your left index finger, to clear away the elements!

Touch Screen Fingertips: Who wants to take a glove off to check messages?

Reflective: If you ride in the dark: Always see and be seen.

Armor: Skid pads, hard knuckles, etc. Protect those mitts; they’re all you’ve got.

Gauntlets: Essential to keep wind and rain out of your sleeves.

All Season Gloves –Warmth without bulk: great for temps in the 40’s and 50’s.

Gel “Anti-Vibration” padding: Hand numbness and arm fatigue knows no season.

Thermal Liners: Wear under an All Season or Deerskin glove, and you’re good to go.

        Heated Gloves:  Some riders prefer heated gear. Whatever it takes to stay warm …

3-Finger Gloves:  A cross between a glove and a mitten. Some folks like ’em.

2-in-1 Construction:  When it’s cold and wet on the ride in, and warmer coming home. A flexible option that lets you choose more warmth, or more grip.

Vegan/Non-leather: Warm winter riding gloves CAN be 100% man-made.

… and Fingerless:  Just kidding. Only wear if you park your bike under a palm tree, or have a January tropical vacation planned! If so leave a comment, and make us jealous!



2020-21 BUYERS GUIDE: Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves

With the 2020-21 winter season around the corner, we hope our Buyer’s Guide  featuring 16 cold weather styles — helps you choose the perfect gloves.


OUR RATING OF “GOOD”,” VERY GOOD”, AND “BEST” SIMPLY RELATES TO THE RELATIVE QUALITY OF THE WEATHERPROOF INSERT USED, and whether sealed seams make it waterproof vs. merely windproof, whether it has more or less insulation, its relative breathability. All meet our standards: Quality, functional gear at an affordable price.


Style Name/#


Men’s / Women’s Description

4102 Weatherking Extra Touch


 Men’s Only


Absolute protection from wind, water and cold, with extra warmth. Gore-Tex®, plus the convenience of touch screen tech.

4270 Gore-Tex Wolf   $99.95  Men’s only


Rugged, winter glove.  Gore-Tex® protection against rain, wind and cold …with a comfortable SoftInside™ lining. BEST

4298 Gore-Tex

2 in 1 Commander

  $49.95  Men’s only


Gore-Tex® 2-way insert  (great for heated grips) allows you to choose between maximum grip and maximum warmth. BEST

4294 Men’s Aventador

4295 Women’s Aventador

$85.00   Men’s (4294) & Women’s (4295)

Loaded with features for winter riding. Gore-tex® insert, PrimaLoft® insulation, unique thermal fleece layer at the fingertips for extra warmth, Goggle wiper, more. BEST

GT 04150 Gore-Tex All Season

$100.00  Men’s only


Gore-tex® insert keeps warmth in, rain and wind out. Lighter weight insulation just right for 40’s, or heated grips. Gauntlet closure customizes fit to keep the weather out of your sleeve. BEST

4390 Aquatex Husky   $64.99  Men’s only


We love this glove — great protection from wind, water and cold, and amazing Softinside™ comfort. Aquatex is breathable, windproof and waterproof. VERY GOOD

4370 Men’s  Cold Throttle,

4375 Women’s Cold Throttle


Men’s (4370) and  Women’s (4375)

Aquatex insert, light Thinsulate® on the palm/heavier Thinsulate® back of the hand; great for heated bars. Superior grip, goggle wiper, protective knuckles, reflective piping. Also comes in high viz/black. VERY GOOD

6500 Cold Zip   $35.00  Men’s only



A great value. Dri-lock insert keeps you dry; Thinsulate insulation and a cinched gauntlet keeps out the cold. Waterproof zipper pocket fits a credit card, a nice touch. Leather-free/vegan. GOOD

6000 Mustang I   $28  Men’s only


A good set of features for a less expensive winter glove. Dri-lock insert, Thinsulate® and a generous gauntlet keeps out the cold. Comfortable lining, good grip, moderate warmth. Leather-free/vegan. GOOD

6003 Mustang III   $19.95  Men’s only


3 finger glove offers dexterity and warmth. Thinsulate® insulation, Dri-Lock waterproof and windproof insert,Thermofleece lining, leather-free/vegan. GOOD

4352 All Season II Touch


  $85.00  Men’s only



Lighter warmth without bulk. Update to one of our most popular riding gloves — leather, water resistant, windproof, with lightweight insulation. An All Season glove is just right for year-round use by many riders, but without sealed seams … NOT waterproof. Touch-enabled on the thumb and index finger, advanced grip, reflective, goggle wiper.  GOOD

4350 All Season I $59.95  Men’s only


Lighter warmth without bulk. One of our most popular gloves — leather, water resistant, windproof, with lightweight insulation. An All Season glove is just right for year-round use by many riders, but without sealed seams … NOT waterproof. Touch-enabled on the thumb and index finger, advanced grip, reflective, goggle wiper. GOOD

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