Gel Palm Motorcycle Gloves

Gel Palm Motorcycle Gloves

Steer numbness away!

Gel palm gloves: because comfort never goes out of style.

Fact is, all motorcycles transmit vibration from the handlebars to your hands, arms and shoulders, but some riders are more sensitive to this vibration than others.

Gel gloves alleviate these difficulties and in general reduce the impact of grip vibration. These are specially designed gloves that absorb vibration from the road and the engine.

Olympia gel palm motorcycle gloves:

  • The first brand to develop gel technology in motorcycle gloves, we continue to develop advanced materials.
  • Use a special silicone gel, formed to our exacting specifications, at just the right thickness.
  • Have added details like a layer of special foam in between the gel and the palm for extra comfort.

Many riders who find grip vibration uncomfortable, write us letters praising our gel padded. gloves.

Your hours in the saddle shouldn’t be painful …

Olympia gel palm motorcycle gloves may be just what you need to reduce the stresses of vibration on your hands, arms, and shoulders.

Here's a video review from our friends at Competition Accessories:

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