Olympia 181 Ladies Monsoon Gloves

Nothing cuts a ride short like cold, wet hands, but the Olympia 181 Monsoon Gloves make that a problem of the past!



  • Olympia 181 Monsoon Gloves are women’s waterproof gloves, made to ride out the weather. This is a full leather all season glove with reinforced palms, that stays soft (and keeps you dry) after repeated soakings.

    The Aquatex liner is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. The boxed fingers provide a comfortable, roomy fit and the longer cuff fits snugly with jacket sleeves.

    You can stop under an overpass to ride out a storm if you want to … but with these gloves, you don’t have to.

  • Features:
    • Special waterproof/washable leather stays soft after repeated soakings
    • Aquatex waterproof, windproof and breathable insert keeps you comfortable and dry in all weather
    • Boxed finger construction for a relaxed fit
    • Extended cuff fits snugly with jacket, keeps weather out
    • Adjustable Velcro strap for security and comfort