Olympia 280 Windstopper® Akita Gloves

The 280 Windstopper® Akita offers lightweight, windproof and breathable protection. So comfortable, it just may become your favorite glove!




  • When you take your bike out and the sun is shining, don't be weighed down by a bulky pair of gloves. The 280 Windstopper® Akita is Olympia Gloves' newest design for lightweight, windproof protection.

    Featuring high-performance Windstopper® material from W.L. Gore, the Akita gives riders water-resistant, breathable gloves that feel great on, and fit - like a glove. (yeah, we went there).

    This glove is truly designed with comfort in mind. Check out all the features on the next tab. Once you get your hands in a pair of these, you might forget to take them off once you've finished your ride.

  • Features
    • Windstopper -- a windproof, water resistant, breathable material from W.L Gore
    • SoftInside flannel lining that wicks away moisture for extra comfort
    • Premium, supple glove leather for enhanced grip and comfort
    • Perforated night vision reflectivity for safety
    • Cool technology for maximum airflow
    • Neoprene wrist closure with unlimited adjustability
    • Double sewn reinforced stitching at stress points for longer wear