Olympia 470 Kangaroo Curve Gloves


The 470 Kangaroo Curve Gloves: extremely comfortable sport gloves, designed for max air flow and comfort. Now, at a steeply discounted, online only price.

Discontinued Style 

            WE ARE OUT OF STOCK IN ALL SIZES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Kangaroo skin is tough as cowhide, but softer and thinner!  This glove features a tough kangaroo leather palm -- putting a softer and thinner hide between hand and throttle, enhancing your comfort.

    Other features the sport rider will appreciate includes protective carbon knuckles, gel palms to dampen vibration, and pre-curved fingers for easier grip.

    All in all, these gloves will keep you riding longer!

  • Features:
    • Kangaroo palm for extreme comfort

    • Extreme pre-curved fingers to set hands in perfect riding position

    • Carbon knuckles for protection

    • Air ventilation system to cool you while you ride

    • Anti-vibration gel palm, to prevent numb hands

    • Flex thumb for better movement

    • Velcro strap at wrist for easy adjustment