Online Specials

Online Specials

Olympia Gloves Online Specials!

All Gel Palm styles, now with FREE SHIPPING thru September 2. Plus, overstocked gloves and liners with lots of nice features. Note: Overstocks not available in every size or color -- only while quantities last.

EPIC CLOSEOUTS, plus FREE SHIPPING on Gel Palm Styles Thru September 2!

*** Factory Overstocks! 50% Off!  ... For Full List of 9 Styles Visit CLOSEOUTS Tab ... For Example ***

  • Olympia 7300 Cold Weather Touch Screen Motorcycle Gloves: Save 50% on a Warm, Lightweight Glove! (Was $39.95, Now $19.95).
    A lightweight warm glove, with Thinsulate insulation and Aquatex waterproof insert ... now at a steeply discounted price. These are extremely comfortable gloves, nice and warm, with touch screen technology built in. But now we have too many left -- our mistake is your gain. A great cold weather glove closeout!

  • Olympia 770 Knight Rider Sport Motorcycle Gloves: Save 50% on a Great Hi- Viz Glove! (Was $39.95, Now $19.95).
    Our manufacturing mistake is your good deal. We made too many Knight Rider gloves, and they didn't all sell. Now, the built-in battery is ... how shall we say it ... kaput. This is a great glove, with sewn-in reflective material on the back of the hand, for safety, and a soft leather palm. Lots of other comfort features like vents, flex joints ... and just one teeny tiny flaw.  At this price, and with the other great features, you really won't care. 

    Note: You could just take the LED battery out, or change it.  So while we stand behind our workmanship on all other materials, the battery feature is sold as is.

*** Free Shipping! All Fingerless & Vented/Mesh Gloves***

  • Select "Gel Palm" Motorcycle Gloves: now with Free Shipping thru 9/2:

    Steer numbness away!

    Gel palm gloves: because comfort never goes out of style!  

    Hours in the saddle shouldn’t be painful …

    Olympia gel palm motorcycle gloves may be just what you need to reduce the stresses of vibration on your hands, arms, and shoulders.

    Consider a new pair of Gel Palm/Anti-Vibration gloves.  

  • All Gel Palm, now with FREE SHIPPING thru September 2nd.

Seasonal specials and overstocks mean big savings for you. All the tough performance features you’d expect from Olympia, with special savings! Treat yourself, or a rider you love.

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