Vegan Motorcycle Gloves

Vegan Motorcycle Gloves


(Plus Free Gift with Purchases over $75: Fleece TouchScreen gloves!)

8 styles of vegan motorcycle gloves, made from animal-free materials.

Vegan riders: Keep your hands safe, and wear gloves that are cruelty-free.

Though some animal-free items are still hard for vegan motorcyclists to attain, we're happy to report that motorcycle gloves don’t have to be one of them.

There are a growing number of great synthetics that offer the strength, comfort and protection that every motorcyclist needs.

We have a range of styles that don’t use animal products, and keep hands protected.

Popular Vegan Glove Features:
  • Gel Palms for anti-vibration protection
  • Insulation for cold weather warmth
  • Waterproof protection to keep hands comfortably dry, in all weather
  • Gauntlets to keep wind out of sleeves
  • Touch screen conductive fingertips, for smart phone use
  • Fingerless styles to keep cooler in summer's heat, and more.

So, while you might have to search a little harder for vegan jackets, race suits, or even vegan engine oil, getting a new pair of mitts is now as easy as (vegan) pie.

Shop for Olympia Vegan gloves, to find the vegan motorcycle glove style that is right for you.

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