Olympia 407 Fingerless Gel Gloves

These fingerless gel gloves provide cool comfort in warmer months. Features gel padded palm, and quick release nylon pull tabs.

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  • When summer sun pounds the roads and you’re riding the desert highways, coastlines, and everywhere in between, wearing gloves seems like an impossible task. Fingerless gloves are a great solution, and gel-padded palms and quick release nylon tabs make this glove a favorite.

    Large vent holes in the knuckles help keep this glove from becoming an oven -- so sweaty, wet gloves on hot summer rides don’t have to be the norm.

  • Features:
    • Fingerless comfort, cooling airflow

    • Padded gel palm for comfort and vibration absorption

    • Reinforced nylon stitching for extended wear

    • Quick release nylon pull tabs for easy on/off