Custom Gloves for Motorcycle Riding Clubs

Olympia Custom Gloves: Personalized Logo Gloves for Motorcycle Riding Clubs.

A glove that's as unique as your reasons for riding with a riding club.

You've chosen to ride with a group for specific reasons. As well, you might enjoy expressing your particular riding club membership, with a distinctive glove. From Olympia, the leader in motorcycle gloves.

Why Would a Riding Club Want Logo-ed Custom Gloves?

There may be a special ride you have planned. Or a milestone personal event your group plans to commemorate. Or a number of years members have ridden together. You don't have to HAVE to have a reason to celebrate the camaraderie that you've experienced together.

But you can mark special occasions and milestones as significant, or simply celebrate your members, with custom gloves.

Here's how we see it: A plaque other gift or keepsake is nice. But it basically sits on a shelf and collects dust.  T-Shirts are nice too, but you already have dozens. Why gloves? You wear 'em for 20K or 30K miles, until you wear them out.

We may be biased, but WE think that's a better way to go. 

Riding Club "Custom Glove" Logo Program Details: (Example Below)

club_glove_image_2   custom gloves for motorcycle riding clubs

  • Club logos can be custom embroidered on the straps of a select group of Olympia Glove styles: The 107, 407, 150, 101.

  • Minimum order 20 pr. per style.

  • Cost: A $75.00 set up charge + upcharge per pair. (There is a $75.00 set up charge and upcharge of $4.00/pr. for the embroidery). 

  • How to Order: Through any authorized Olympia Gloves dealer -- or if there is no dealer near you, we will fulfill your order directly.

  • Timing: It will take 3-6 weeks from the time of approval of the proof by the club representative, to delivery.

Some riding clubs have a motorcycle riding club patch. That's cool.  But next time you want to express club unity, raise some money, or celebrate a special event, consider putting custom gloves on the hands of members!

For more information about custom gloves with your motorcycle riding club logo, call 1.800.645.6124 or fill out this form and someone will get in touch!

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