About Us

“Make the best glove you can, and sell it at a fair price.”

                           -- Olympia Gloves Founder Fred Heumann (1941)

Olympia first began manufacturing gear for the U.S. Military in World War II.

It's a legacy that we truly take pride in.

As you can tell from the quote from our founder above, our reputation was built on the idea of doing more, for less.

Many things change over time, but making gloves to perform under the toughest of conditions hasn't.

We make quality gloves, and bring them to you at affordable prices. 

  • We are the world’s largest supplier of high performance gloves.
  • We make our gloves with superior technical materials, for your active lifestyle.
  • Retailers buy directly from us, which helps keep our retail prices lower for you.

Choose Olympia Gloves, and Stay Ahead of the Curve.