Leather Driving Gloves

Leather Driving Gloves

Wear driving gloves to increase your feel of the road.

When you drive a high performance car, driving gloves enhance the experience. 

Driving gloves add control of the steering wheel and gearshift; they improve grip and add comfort.  For classic vintage cars, they protect the steering wheel.  In cooler weather, they add warmth. And let's face it ... they look damn cool.

Important Qualities for Driving Gloves:

  • Classic details: The thinnest, softest leather. Wrist length for movement. Perforations for ventilation, an opening on the back for view of your timepiece or ventilation, and a wrist closure for secure fit.
  • Full-fingered vs. fingerless: some drivers prefer leather on the palm for comfort, and bare fingers on the steering wheel and gear shift for better grip and control.
  • Lined vs. Unlined: a driving glove with a soft lining is warmer and better for cold weather.  It also absorbs perspiration, while bare leather provides the most tactile feel for the road.
  • A good snug fit is important: Gloves that are too loose won’t give you the grip or road feel you want. Too tight, and they restrict comfort and movement.   

Leather gloves do stretch about 5% with use.  To get a well-fitting glove, use our size chart to determine the right size.

Olympia Leather Driving Gloves: Enjoy the feel of the road, drive safe!

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