Women's Motorcycle Gloves

Women's Motorcycle Gloves

Olympia Women’s Motorcycle Gloves are made for the female hand.

Our glove designers recognize that your hands are not simply smaller versions of men’s hands. We need protection from the elements, plus a special fit.

We design gloves to fit your narrower hand, without excess material bunching in your palms, fingers and knuckles, which can cause calluses, hand fatigue and numbness.

How to Shop for Women’s Motorcycle Gloves:

  • Check reviews from other women riders, to ensure that the brand is truly cut for the unique dimensions of a woman’s hand – with a narrower width, and longer fingers.
  • Look for a glove that is designed for maximum protection and comfort: gel padded palms, knuckle protection, Gore-tex or other waterproof, windproof, or insulation components, reflective materials for visibility,  vented mesh fabrics to wick sweat in the summer, etc.
  • Get those “little extras” that make your ride just that much better -- a little extra room for rings, goggle wiper, touch enabled leather for use with iphones, and more.

Olympia women’s motorcycle gloves take the needs of women riders into account. Find the pair or women’s motorcycle gloves that are right for you.

Here are some reviews of our Women’s Motorcycle Gloves from Competition Accessories:

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