Hard Knuckle/Extra Protective Motorcycle Gloves

Gloves with special features, for extra protection.

The most masterfully designed motorcycle glove isn’t the one that wins beauty contests … it’s the one with added protection and abrasion resistance that protects you in a slide or crash situation.

Extra Protection/Armored Glove features to look for:

  • Gloves designed for abrasion resistance in a slide:  Look for abrasion and puncture resistant fabrics, durable leathers and features like extra strength stitching and double seaming at stress points. 

  • Reinforcements in key impact/skid areasLook for palm EVA skid pads, aramid fiber thread (generic form of Kevlar® thread), double thickness leather, knuckle armor, pinkie slider, fingers padded with high density foam, special designs that wrap around the outside of the hand (so there is no seam to open up in a low side slide).

    Note: Materials have evolved: Added protection can be formed from titanium, stainless steel, carbon fiber, advanced composites, foam, even molded rubber for more flexible hard knuckles.

    (Many riders find that molded rubber knuckles in particular are not as stiff as traditional hard knuckles, providing protection with more comfort. That's one reason we like to use it).

Experienced riders know the value ATGATT, and of abrasion resistance and other protective glove features.

Shop Olympia Protective Motorcycle Gloves: from palm to cuff, designed for your SAFETY and comfort.