Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Make summer riding more comfortable…

…with cooling vents, mesh fabrics, and sweat-wicking materials.

You know the day.  Sun's shining, not a care in the world, knees in the breeze.  Like a kiss on a first date, that feeling never gets old.  

But as much as you might like to go without gear, you know that you need to protect your hands. Is there a summer motorcycle glove that really keeps your hands protected, AND cool?

For summer comfort and protection, look for:

  • Venting system with air intake vents on each finger
  • Technical, moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Ventilated construction, with mesh fabric webbed in between fingers
  • Thinner leathers that are still durable and protective
  • Reflective piping for better visibility, dawn thru dusk
  • Knuckle Armor with a layer of wicking fabric next to your skin
  • Fingerless glove designs.

It’s well known that hand fatigue is increased when heat, sweat, and bulk are present in your summer glove.  And it's just no fun, to boot.

Hot, humid, sticky weather is coming … get prepared with gloves that will keep you nice and cool. Wick away sweat, feel the breeze, and enjoy the ride!

Check out Olympia’s summer motorcycle gloves, to ride in safety AND comfort, all summer long.