Deerskin Gloves

Deerskin Gloves

Olympia Deerskin motorcycle gloves: soft, supple and strong.

Deerskin gloves have devoted fans because nothing else feels quite like it. This leather just gets better over time.

Deerskin leather has natural advantages over cowhide:

      • It molds to fit your hands, and there is virtually no break-in time.
      • It's a naturally strong leather, more abrasion resistant than cowhide, and naturally water repellant.
      • The BIGGEST difference and advantage over all other leathers is that deerskin dries soft even after it gets wet. That means you can even wash it, or wear it in a downpour and it will still dry just as soft as when new (just don't put it in the dryer).

      • Note: We use only premium, North American deerhides, which make the softest deerskin gloves. Deerskin gloves will stretch width wise, so buy a little snug and let them stretch to form to your hand.

Our deerskin gloves come in classic lined and unlined styles, with and without a gauntlet. The lined gloves are best for cooler weather, unlined better for warmer.

Olympia Deerskin gloves: a perfect choice for spring and autumn riding.

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