Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Nothing is more classic than leather motorcycle gloves.

Leather gloves feel great and riders love them. And for good reason:  leather is an unbeatable material for motorcycle gloves.

It breathes, insulates, and provides durability.  It gives a great tactile feel on the throttle and grips.  It is wind resistant. And in short order, it stretches and molds to your hand to fit perfectly.

How to shop for quality leather gloves:

  • All leather is not alike. Look for drum dyed glove leather for a softer and more supple glove, that feels great AND stands up to heavy wear.
  • Match the type of leather for the special qualities each holds: cowhide for extra abrasion resistance, deerskin for a “second skin” feel, kangaroo leather that is both soft and strong, grainier goatskin for more tactile control.
  • Price: All our leather gloves are under $100.  But also check out our Leather/Textile Combination Gloves for the benefits of a leather palm/grip but even easier on the wallet.
  • Size: Ideally, leather motorcycle gloves should start a little snug, to break in as you wear them, stretching to fit your hand's exact proportions.  They will soften and gain character with use.
Olympia Leather Motorcycle Gloves  -- made to hold up for the long haul. The performance and fit you need, the feel you deserve.