Textile and Leather Motorcycle Gloves

The Best of Both Worlds: great grip, easier on the wallet.

Riders know that the most important part of a motorcycle glove for good grip and feel for the controls is the palm. On combination gloves, that’s where the leather is.

We then add other protective, comfort, and weatherproof features.  The result is a great option for riders -- all the benefits of a leather glove, with a superior grip, that’s easier on the wallet than a 100% leather glove. 

Why Combination Gloves?

  • Leather or synthetic leather palm/grip, for great feel for the controls.
  • In some styles, gel padding -- a nice anti-vibration feature
  • Protection: If you're going down, and put your hand out to break a low slide, you'll be happy to have a double thick leather skid patch on the palm, or patch made of EVA or other durable material.
  • Weatherproofing: There is nothing worse than waiting for all leather gloves to dry out once they've been soaked with rain. Our combo leather/textile waterproof styles keep your hands dry, and dry out faster.

As with all riding gloves, depending on where and what time of year you ride, look for styles that are waterproof, windproof, and insulated, depending on your needs.

Great gloves don't have to break the bank. Get leather where it counts: shop Olympia Combination Textile and Leather Gloves.