Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Fingerless gloves keep your hands cool while still providing excellent grip. 

Fingerless gloves are a classic choice on a hot summer day. They protect hands from the sun, protect hands and arms against handlebar vibration, protect palms from mishaps, and ensure that hands stay as cool as possible all at the same time.

And let’s face it … they look damn cool on your hands.

Popular Fingerless Glove Features Include:

  • Gel padded palms for comfort and anti-vibration benefits
  • Quick-release nylon pull tabs for easy on, easy off
  • Reinforced nylon stitching, for miles of durability
  • Mesh and leather fingerless glove styles, to provide ventilation and wick sweat
  • Terry Cloth sweat wipe on back of thumb – a nice extra feature on a hot day
  • Perforated neoprene cuff to keep your wrist cool
  • Adjustable strap for more secure fit.

Some riders look for full-fingered glove protection, all year long – so we make both full-fingered summer gloves, and fingerless glove styles, to satisfy all kinds of riders. 

But if fingerless motorcycle gloves are your preference, who are we to take sides?

Olympia Fingerless Gloves:  When the heat of day strikes, you’ll be glad to have a pair in your gear.