Olympia 340 Vented Protector Gloves

Olympia 340 Vented Protector Gloves - We hope you never need to test them on pavement!



  • These motorcycle gloves offer strategic protection in all the important zones ... from palm to knuckles to above the wrist.  Great protection for everything from street riding and track days, to your work commute -- a great, protective motorcycle glove for spring through fall. 

    Protective features include: Carbon reinforced knuckles; a protective gauntlet; Aramid (body armor) thread throughout for extra reinforcement and durability; Extensive use of double layers of leather on fingers, knuckles, forefingers and palm; Leather on pinky side rolls over from palm side to back side, plus high density padding, to give extra comfort and protection.

    These leather gloves, once broken in, will mold to your hands. Despite the padding, you'll have a good feel of the grips.  They are vented to keep hands cool as temps heat up -- and while they may get a bit warm in summer's heat, for hand protection these are a stellar choice.

  • Features:
    • Soft and durable glove leather
    • Carbon reinforced knuckles, with "Knuckle Flex" design for added flexibility
    • Comfortable gauntlet that fits over jacket sleeves
    • Elasticized wrist with adjustable Velcro Strap, plus 2nd velcro closure on gauntlet for easy in /out
    • Double layers of leather and strategic padding on fingers, palm, outside of pinky and side of hand
    • Aramid thread (used in many high tech applications, such as aerospace and military, and body armor fabric).