Olympia 400 Gel Gloves

Olympia’s 400 Gel Glove reduces shock and fatigue to keep you on the road longer. Everything you would expect from a deluxe leather, comfort-focused glove!

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  • This cruiser-type road glove is made for putting on the miles. Gel throughout the palm reduces stress and fatigue of the hand while gripping the bars.

    The back of the glove features light padding across  the knuckles, and our soft, supple leather gives you a luxurious pampered feeling -- so you’re comfortable the whole ride.

  • Features:
    • Soft and supple leather for comfort

    • Anti-vibration gel in palms for maximum comfort, protection and shock absorption

    • Light padding on knuckles for protection and comfort

    • Elasticized cuff, Velcro closure on strap for best fit

    • Reinforced nylon stitching to prevent premature wear