Motorcycle Gloves Under $50

Motorcycle Gloves Under $50

Great Gloves, at a Price You Can Love.

Riders tell us that they've tried on gloves at 2-3x the price, and still prefer ours.  That makes us smile.

But it really doesn't come as a surprise.  We've been making top quality gloves, at a surprisingly “easy on the wallet” price, for almost 75 years.

How do we deliver high quality gloves less expensively than other brands? 

Simple economics: No middleman, great value:

  • We're one of the world’s largest makers of high performance gloves.  Our buying power is reflected in our prices.
  • European imports and other brands use a "distributor”. With Olympia there's no middleman, which keeps our retail prices lower. 
  • Dealers also buy directly from us -- so however you shop for Olympia Gloves, at a dealer or online, you'll always get great value

Truth is, we like being an alternative to all the overpriced gloves out there. 

If you want to pay more and get a good glove, you can do that too.  But they won't necessarily be better gloves ... so pay for the quality, and not the label. 

You work hard for your money. We respect that -- with 38 Styles of Motorcycle gloves under $50.


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