Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Gloves

Who you ride with is up to you, but always protect your hands.

For your safety, wear motorcycle gloves! 

Riders have relied on our gloves for protection and comfort, for over 70 years.  And since there are all types of riders, we make a glove for every style of riding. 

Unlike ordinary gloves, motorcycle gloves provide protection and comfort:

  • Protection from the elements: wind, rain, extreme cold, and the occasional stone kicked up from the road.
  • Riding comfort features like external stitching, gel palms, and fabrics designed to wick and evaporate moisture.
  • Extra protection for a spill … which we hope never happens, but protection from road rash and injury is especially important just in case.

Don't just take it from us ... follow the advice of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation:

"... gloves protect hands from blisters, wind, sun, and cold. Motorcycle Safety Foundation logo

If you should fall off your motorcycle, full-fingered gloves will help prevent cuts and bruises to your hands.

Gloves should fit snugly to improve your grip on the handlebar"

                                             - Motorcycle Safety Foundation USA

With almost 100 glove styles, Olympia has the right glove for your ride.

Browse all our motorcycle glove collections.

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