Olympia Gloves Shop

Olympia Gloves Shop

Welcome to Olympia Gloves!

Shop the motorcycle glove brand known for enduring craftsmanship and excellent value. Olympia gloves have set the standard for almost 75 years.

Glove making is a craft handed down from generation to generation. While some qualities stand the test of time, we’ve been known to raise the bar.

  • Olympia was the first motorcycle glove brand with anti-vibration gel protection, Kevlar® knuckle armor, and touch screen capabilities. 
  • We design our gloves for perfect fit, no-nonsense protection, and year-round comfort. 
  • We make summer gloves for the hottest days, all weather gloves for year round riding, and winter gloves specially insulated for the coldest temps.

We invite you to shop our gloves, and read our reviews … don’t just take our word for it! 

Check out our newest motorcycle glove styles right here!

Olympia motorcycle gloves: high performance gloves, at a price you can love.  

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