If you know one thing about dad it’s this…he loves to ride his snow mobile! So as you start to think up gifts for everyone on your list this year, why not get dad something snow mobile-related? These random gift samples will give you items that range in price and style so you can find something no matter what the dad needs for his snow mobile.


A Lift

Snowmobiles are heavy pieces of machinery and if dad ever wants to move it from place to place, having a lift on hand is a great idea. There are hand crank lifts that are relatively inexpensive that allow him to raise and lower the sled with ease. This can help with repairs and many other things.



Most snowmobile riding dads aren’t able to ride all year long because of the weather conditions in their area, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy snow mobile pictures throughout the year. Get dad a calendar with a different snow mobile scene every month. Or better yet, find a page a day calendar so he can enjoy a different scene every day!


Bar Bags

If dad likes to go for longer rides, he might want to take a few items along with him. The bar bag is a small pocket-like bag that can store important items like cell phones, cameras, keys and other such things. It keeps the items safe from sliding out of pockets on a bumpy ride.


New Windshields

Most snowmobiles come with a standard windshield, but there are options on the market that can make the rides more enjoyable. Some windshields deflect the cold air so dad will stay warmer. Others have fancy things on them like flames and tinting.


Riding Gloves

Every rider needs to have snowmobile gloves to protect their hands from the cold and wind. Snowmobile gloves do a lot more than just keep fingers warm. If dad doesn’t already have a good pair, investigate the differences and buy him something he’ll truly enjoy. If he has a pair he loves, see what size he wears and get him a spare pair.


Map Bag

Grab dad a tank bag that has a map pocket on it. The pocket is clear so the map can be viewed without being taken out of the bag. It’s a fast way for dad to make sure he’s on the right trail. The rest of the bag can be used for a variety of other items.


Helmet Decorators

If dad’s helmet is rather plain, perhaps you could get a gift that would dress it up a bit. That might mean some flame stickers or other items that will make his helmet stand out a little more.


Route Ideas

Ask dad where he has always wanted to ride and then find a map of snow mobile routes in that area. Then, when he gets to take his dream trip, he will be prepared with all the best places to ride.


Wearable Items

Even when dad can’t go out riding, he can still enjoy snow mobile-related wearables. Get him a hat, a t-shirt, a jacket or other items with his snowmobile’s brand on it.


First Aid Kit

You never want anything to go wrong when dad is out riding, but since you never know what can happen, giving dad a small first aid kid that can keep him prepared is a great idea. The comprehensive kits are lightweight and allow dad to have everything with him he might need.


You might think the dad on your list is hard to buy for, but once you take his love for snowmobiles into consideration, the list of items you can get him suddenly expands. These items are a great place to start when you go out to shop for this snow mobile-loving dad.