If you know a mom that can’t seem to stay off her snow mobile, you already know the perfect gift for her would be something snow mobile-related. These ideas will help you get a feel for what she would think is the perfect gift. There are plenty of ideas out there, but this will give you a good start on your shopping.


Bumper Stickers

If the mom on your list likes to personalize her snow mobile, find a bumper sticker that fits her personality. It may or may not have anything to do with a snow mobile, but if she can slap it on her ride and go, she’ll love it!


New Riding Gloves

Did you know there are specific snowmobile riding gloves? If mom doesn’t already have a pair, she needs one. If she has some, spares never hurt, or perhaps she’d like an upgrade. Snowmobile gloves will keep her hands warm and protected so she can ride longer in more comfort. She’ll appreciate the effort and the thought!


Snow Suit

Snowmobiling is usually done in harsh weather and that means suiting up for warmth and protection. No mom wants to have only one snow suit on hand for her rides. Get her a new suit in a snazzy color that stands out against the snow and her ride!


Route Ideas

You can either buy mom a map of routes, or research some routes on your own and print them out for her. She’ll appreciate the time and effort you put into the book up front and once she gets out there on the new routes, she’ll love the gift even more!


Riding Glasses/Goggles

Riding fast through the cold, winter air can really get to the eyes. If mom doesn’t already have riding glasses or goggles, she needs them right away. If she has some, a spare pair is a good idea. Take a look at what she has and get something updated.


Snow Mobile Wearables

When mom isn’t on her snow mobile, that doesn’t mean she can’t present herself as a snow mobile rider everywhere she goes. Find some sweatshirts, long sleeved t-shirts and other wearable items that have snow mobile logos or pictures on them. She will enjoy being able to wear her hobby with pride even when she is between rides.



Riding boots are essential to comfort and safety during a ride. If you’ve noticed mom’s boots are getting a little ragged, it might be time for a new pair. Take a peak at her shoe size or give her a gift card to her favorite riding store so she can pick some out herself.


Riding Bag

If mom likes to take long rides, she might want to take some items along with her. A snow mobile riding bag is a great tool to help her carry some snacks, drinks, and other essential things along with her. There are many different sizes and styles from which to choose.


Snow Sled

What mom doesn’t want a new way to entertain the kids? Grab a snow sled that mom can attach to the back of the snow mobile. She can get a slow ride in and the kids will have a great time on the sled behind her.



The best gift any mom can receive is the gift of time. She may not have nearly as much time to ride as she would like. Give her a coupon that gives her an entire afternoon off from her duties as a mom to go out and try a new route. That means you might have to cover a few things at home, but the joy on her face when she returns will make it worth the effort.


Moms who ride snowmobiles have a long list of gift items that will make them smile. Snow mobile related items are fun to pass along to someone engrained in the hobby. This list can help you get started on ideas for the mom who loves to ride her snow mobile.