If your dad loves nothing more than a good ride (and you, of course) you want to get him something special to show his love of motorcycles. This father’s day, here are ten gift ideas that will remind dad how much you care and allow him to enjoy his motorcycle rides even more





Saddle Bags

Dad doesn’t usually carry much with him, but if he wants to go for a longer motorcycle ride, having a saddlebag on his bike is pretty nice. He can put his keys, wallet, or even just a bottle of water in the bag and enjoy riding farther distances.


Biker Angel

You want your motorcycling rider dad to stay safe at all times and choosing a biker angel for him to hang on his bike will remind him of your love every time it catches his eye when he rides. The angels come in a variety of styles and sizes and you can choose something perfect for his personality and bike.


Bike Figurine

Your dad probably doesn’t collect statues, but he most likely would enjoy a motorcycle figurine for his office, the garage, or even more prominently in the house. Find a figurine that looks as much like his bike as possible and he’ll treasure the statue for years.


Personalized Picture

Do you have a picture of your dad on his bike that you love? Blow it up and frame it as a gift. If you don’t have any pictures good enough, find a motorcycle picture for him to hang near the spot where he parks his bike.


Brand Wearables

If your dad is proud of his bike’s brand, or has a particular company he likes, get him t-shirts, hats, jackets or anything else with the brand logo on it. He’ll be proud to wear the items even when he isn’t out for a ride.


Good Gloves

Good gloves are the key to a comfortable ride. If your dad doesn’t have a pair of Gore-Tex Rain and Shine Gloves, he needs them. If he already has a pair broken in, get him a second pair for back-ups.


Motorcycle Maps

If dad likes to take motorcycle adventures, get him some maps of the area that are specific to motorcyclists. These maps show the most scenic areas and those that are great for riders to enjoy. He can start planning his next adventure ride now.


Motorcycle Trivia Book

If dad likes to talk bikes constantly, give him some more facts to throw into the conversation by equipping him with a motorcycle trivia book.


Ear Plugs

You want your dad to be able to hear everything you say over the years. It is important that he wear earplugs when he operates his loud motorcycle. He will still be able to hear the cool hum of the motor. It’ll just be a bit more muffled.


Motorcycle Videos

If you have home videos of dad on his bike, make a movie out of the clips. Even if you don’t, dad will enjoy watching motorcycle videos in general. Buy some DVDs of motorcycle shows you know he would appreciate and wrap them up for the big day.


When you give your dad a father’s day gift that relates to his love of biking, he will know all that much more how much you love and appreciate him. These ten gift ideas for motorcycle riders will give you a good place to start your search for the perfect item.