When the weather is fair, we’re outdoors riding — but on a 30 degree morning like today, we’re relaxing with a hot cup of joe and checking out the motorcycle blogosphere.

The next best thing to being in the wind, is reading about it!

Here are 10 good motorcycle blogs to check out.  There are many more … so let us know which blogs YOU read, that we may have missed, in the comments!

Wind In The Face–  Blog for ‘greasers, bikers and backyard mechanics who are on the road’. Over 3,500 pictures from all over the world are on this site. Follow on Twitter @CatteAndrea.



Cyril Huze Post–  Created in 2006 by Parisian Cyril Huze which is ‘Known as the world’s #1 online magazine for custom motorcycle news’. Proving readers with tips & tidbits on custom motorcycles. Cyril is a motorcycles designer & builder, parts designer & distributor, and owner of Cyril Huze Custom Inc. Follow Cryil on Twitter @cyrilhuze.



Spirit Strike–  This blog/web site documents Adam Owen’s adventures and journeys from camping trips, to sky and scuba diving. He recommends gear as well. Follow Adam on Twitter @SpiritStrikecom.



Goodhal Garage–  Started just two years ago, Goodhal Garage is based out of Tennesee and is followed by people from 157 countries. Follow via Twitter @GoodhalGarage.
Keep The Rubber Side Down–  Rick Slark, based in Ohio, writes this blog for ‘those who have a passion to ride!’. Articles, photographs, motorcycle news, and tips, in world of motorcycling encompass his blog. Follow Rick on Twitter @slark



American Iron Magazine–  OK, it’s not a blog, really.  But we still love to read their reviews on motorcycles, news, products/gear and events. Follow Buzz on Twitter @BuzzKanter.


Adventure Moto Rider–  Steve McQueen’s motto is ‘The adventure begins at the end of the road’. Riding for over 30 years, McQueen rides in honor of his daughter, Brianna, to raise funds for pediatric brain tumor research. He supports Rides for Kids as well. His podcast can be found here.


World Motorcycle Community–  Written for all motorcycle riders, pillions and fans from around the World. Over 6,000 bikers discuss and share tips, stories, experiences and news. Follow on Twitter @WoMoCo_org.



Charlie’s Borken Bike:  We discovered Charlie’s Broken bike by Charlie Ford when he got in touch to be an Olympia Road Tester.  Charlie writes about repairs, maintenence, and gear reviews, and when it comes to 2-wheels, he knows his stuff. Follow Charlie on Twitter at @justnotchuck.



Rubber On Road–  Buck writes this blog from Beijing, China for ‘adventure seekers and motorcycle enthusiasts’Follow Buck on Twitter @rubberonroad08

About.com Motorcycles
–  This last one is not a blog, either … but motorcyclist, Basem Wasef writes About.com on motorcycles, and always has great info for riders:advice and information on motorcycles. Avid rider Basem says:



‘I’m committed to bringing the most accurate and timely information on motorcycling to everyone from the greenest of newbies to the most seasoned enthusiasts. From safety tips and riding techniques to how-tos and buyer’s guides, I look forward to sharing my 2-wheel knowledge with you.’


Follow Basem on Twitter @BasemWasef and @AboutMotorcycle. Find his photos on Instragram.

So many motorcycle blogs, so little time …

There are lots of great motorcycle blogs worth reading, many that we haven’t discovered yet that ought to be on this list.  So be sure to leave us a comment about any that we missed, to check out.

Let us know: which bloggers do you follow? Where do you turn for road trip reports, bike news and gear reviews?

(We are sure that we missed many worthy ones … so please share the names and link to any that you enjoy, for us to check out and add to this list).

Now we’re gonna sit back, relax and enjoy discovering some great new blogs … 

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