We saw this saying recently, and it made us laugh.

<= “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”.

It’s funny … but also true!

In our industry, stories of contract factories that promise low cost and deliver little in the way of real value are legend.

Instead of promising pennies, a true manufacturing partner should help you make better decisions, get better product in less time — and that in turn will enable more sales.

On the other hand, a “penny wise, pound foolish” supplier may causing “hidden costs” to add up.

Do you know how to recognize the difference?

Going Beyond the Quoted Cost of a Glove 

The initial glove quote you get might sound great — but sweet-sounding promises could end up costing your brand in ways you wouldn’t expect.

What’s the opportunity cost of a design that doesn’t delight your consumer, or out-of-stocks at retail when shoppers want them?


Here’s what to expect, from a truly profitable partnership with your glove company.  They should:

  1. be fully transparent about material costs and manufacturing processes, so you can make intelligent decisions regarding costs and margins.
  2. own their own factory. If something isn’t going as planned, they can prioritize your production and still meet your deadline.
  3. bring you innovative materials, design services, the latest technologies and construction techniques  – all critical factors to your success.
  4. inspect quality at every step, stand behind their product — and if something goes wrong, make it right for you.
  5. have decades-long supply chain partner relationships — and suggest practical opportunities to save time and money, and improve quality and speed, throughout the value chain.
  6. help you get the right product at the right price … by sourcing raw materials more efficiently, and passing purchasing and logistic efficiencies on to you.
  7. help you anticipate and forecast demand more accurately by style, size and color, create better inventory balance, and build safety stock if needed.
  8. help you take advantage of shipping in full containers, consolidating small shipments to keep you from paying increased costs.
  9. deliver goods “landed duty paid”, right to the door of your business, if need be — to take the worry out of importing, shipping, customs, and delivery.
  10. be an easy phone call  away … and be collaborative problem solvers who partner with you when the going gets rough.

We all know that in real life, problems are inevitable — there is no such thing as a manufacturing utopia.

But if your current glove supplier isn’t providing a set of strategic advantages beyond low cost … consider rethinking your factory partnership for long-term benefit.

Your Glove Company: Help Where You Need It

There is no one-size-fits-all partnership. An outsourced suppier relationship can take many forms: It depends on your needs.

A glove company can offer a specific resource, like design, manufacturing, or troubleshooting —  or be a one-stop supplier that provides turn-key project management from end to end.

But regardless of the project, you should be profiting from your supplier’s specialized skill set in dozens of ways, large and small.

At the end of the day, the right partner ensures that your gloves are the best they can be … and that in turn enables more sales.


If you need specialized glove expertise, get in touch.


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