Forget the girlie pink, flowers, embroidery, and sparkles – If you ride, you need serious impact protection.

You also need motorcycle gloves that stay cool in warm weather, add warmth when temperatures drop, and allow you to grip the controls well, without being to big or too small.

And an affordable alternative to higher-priced gloves would be nice too, wouldn’t it?

Here’s how to get what you need, when shopping for women’s motorcycle gloves.

Why Women's Motorcycle Gloves vs. Men’s Gloves?

When it comes to motorcycle gloves, women and men’s needs are the same — protective gloves that fit and are well made, offering safety and comfort.

But over the years, women riders have had a difficult time in finding a good selection of gloves that fit the bill. While things are getting better, it’s still a common complaint.

As a result, many women opt to wear men’s gear. But while men’s gear might offer better selection, there’s one big problem: proper fit! Men’s gloves in small sizes will not fit a woman’s hand properly.

That’s because women’s hands are different than men's hands. Women have long, narrow fingers and are not as wide as men's hands around the palm area. So while you may think that a men’s size S or XS is the best choice, it really isn’t.

And a lack of proper fit can impact function. The last thing you want is to be in an unexpected riding situation, with gloves that are clumsy, or lack protection.

Women’s Gloves for All Seasons

Olympia recognized this many years ago. That’s why we make a full range of styles that actually fit a women’s hands, for all riding styles and conditions.

Here are 11 solid glove choices for women riders:

1. Late Spring/Summer/Early Fall Gloves

For warmer weather, lighter weight gloves should add protection where you need it, and let everything else breathe:

  • Ladies Lined Rose Touch is a full leather glove with a light lining that uses our new nanotechnology on the thumb and forefingers for all your touch screen electronics.
  • Ladies Gel Reflector in black and black/pink is a great summer riding glove that gives you protection where you need it, but lets everything else breathe. It features a nylon back with reflective trim, and abrasion resistant leather palm with shock-absorbing gel padding on the palm.
  • Ladies Touch Screen has a full mesh back with reflective trim and full abrasion resistant leather palm with gel padding on the palm and Touch screen technology on the thumb and forefinger for all your touch screen electronics.
  • Ladies Monsoon is a leather glove with an Aquatex waterproof, windproof breathable insert for those rainy times.
  • Ladies Ventor has a abrasion resistant leather palm with gel padding and uses our knuckle-flex design for superior protection, combined with flexibility and comfort The fingers are vented and have extra protection in the impact areas, and the palm is gel padded to absorb vibration.
  • Ladies Air Force Gel is a great vegan choice, fully featured of man-made materials for those who do not want any leather on their hands. The back of the hand is an air cooled mesh and the palm is a synthetic abrasion resistant leather with gel padded palm.
  • Ringer is a leather glove that has a unique stretch nylon to accommodate rings on all 4 fingers. It also has reflective piping and gel padded palm to relieve hand and wrist pain.
  • Ladies Perforated Gel is a leather glove with computer-generated perforations for extra cooling air flow, and the palm is gel padded to absorb vibrations from the road.

2. Late Fall/Winter/Early Spring Gloves

For cooler weather, gloves should be warmer, with weather protection … as well as look good, fit well and protect the impact areas:

  • Ladies All Season is a leather glove with Windtex Comfort Liner that is lightweight, breathable, water resistant and windproof. We use lightweight thermolite insulation for full dexterity. It also has a goggle wiper.
  • Ladies Cold Throttle is a leather all-season glove with nylon gauntlet. This glove features protective hard knuckles with leather covering for very discreet protection. It has an Aquatex waterproof, breathable, windproof insert, reflective piping and goggle wiper along with 40 gram lightweight Thinsulate on the palm for better dexterity, especially with heated handle bars.

    The back of the hand has 100 gram Thinsulate, putting extra warmth where hands are most exposed to the wind.

  • Ladies Aventador is our warmest women’s glove, for year-round riders. It has a Gore-Tex waterproof, breathable, windproof glove insert and we use Primaloft insulation. For extra protection from the cold, the finger tips have a unique double wrapped fleece construction in the insulation for added warmth. It also has a full abrasion resistant leather palm and goggle wiper.

So there you have it – a selection of motorcycle gloves for women, with the protection, fit and comfort you need. 

(If there is a glove you wish that you could find, that is not addressed in the selection above, please leave a comment.  We are always interested in hearing from riders). 

Note: Gloves are always going to be an individual’s preference. It takes trying a few pairs on before you find the one that’s right for you …

Here’s where you can learn more about our full line of women’s gloves:


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Happy and safe riding, all!