When it comes to choosing just the right gift for friends and family, some people are easier to shop for than others.

Actually, motorcyclists are one of the easiest groups to shop for of all! more

How to Delight the Riders in Your Life?

Riders are happiest when they are the road … and we’ve found lots of thoughtful gifts to make your rider safer, more stylish, and more comfortable.

Whether the motorcyclist in your life is out on the road all winter and needs a little something to help keep warm, or is just dreaming of the first ride of Spring, here are some suggestions:

Gifts for Motorcycle Riders for Under $10:

Let’s start with the perfect little stocking stuffers and gifts under $50. Delight your special rider without putting too big of a dent in your wallet.

  1. “Bungee” style Luggage Net: A lightweight way to securely fasten anything (books, jackets, helmets, etc.) to the rear seat of your motorcycle.  Trust us … every rider needs this.  Costs around $5-6.
  2. Small Map or Compass: Technology is great, what happens when you lose service or run out of battery? A small atlas or analog compass helps a rider find his or her way no matter where they are. Costs around $5 for a Rand McNally 2013 midsize road atlas.
  3. Neckwarmer or Neck Gaiter: Riders lose a lot of heat through those exposed body parts! A neck warmer covers the gap between jacket and helmet to keep your all-season rider toasty warm.  Costs $10-20.
  1. Glove Liners: Did you know that a glove liner worn inside a glove increases heat by about 20%?  That’s reason enough to get liners for your favorite rider, for his/her gear bag. ( P.S. Olympia make’s 6 different glove liners. Just sayin’). Costs $7- 10.

Gifts for Motorcycle Riders Under $50

  1. Motorcycle charm bracelet: For the women riders on your list, we found a great motorcycle charm bangle. Best of all, 20% of all sales of the Alex and Ani Motorcycle Charm go directly to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation … how cool is that? Add a pair of gloves to go with it, and you’ve made your lady rider very happy. Costs $28.
  1. Heated grips: Even with winter gloves, sometimes the cold is too much. And some riders prefer the combination of thinner gloves and heated grips that warm your handlebars using your motorcycle’s electrical system. Costs around $50.
  1. New Gloves to Go With Those Grips: If it’s time for a new pair of gloves … we’ve got 38 glove styles for under $50 in our online store. Or, your rider might appreciate a gift card to his local motorcycle dealer, so he/she can try them on personally. Either way, a great choice.
  1. RAM Motorcycle Mount: Whether you use your phone, iPad, or a standard GPS to find your way, RAM mounts keep it steady, secure, and always within reach. Of course, best to keep your eyes where they should be and pull over to use it. Costs from $10-$50, depending on what you’re trying to mount.
  1. Tire patch kit: When you’re on a great ride, you don’t want anything to stop you – especially a flat tire. A rider should have all the essentials for inflating and patching handy.  Help your rider get back on the road safely and easily with the right kit. Costs around $30.

Splurges: More Great Holiday Gifts for Motorcycle Riders That Keep The Rider Smiling and Riding

If you really want to splurge, and have some serious bucks to spend, here are some more ideas …

10. Heated vest: A helmet keeps the head warm, gloves keep hands warm –what about a heated vest underneath his/her clothes?  Now your rider will be toasty warm head to toe, and enjoy battery-powered warmth for hours on end.  Costs between $100-$150.


11. Go Pro: Who wouldn’t want to great video of those awesome rides? Have you SEEN some of those GoPro Videos? Your favorite rider will enjoy having a record of his/her great adventures on the road.


12. The Whole Shebang: There is so much great gear we haven’t mentioned, here are some other ideas, for all budgets:


–  Steering damper
–  Full rain suit, helmets, or other gear
–  Saddlebags and/or hard waterproof panniers
–  Noise canceling earbuds to reduce wind and exhaust noise
–  Insulated coffee cup holder for the bars
–  An extra set of gloves (1/2 leather, full leather, heavy winter, bluetooth connected gloves, heated gloves, etc.) … there are dozens of great gloves for every rider and riding condition!


13. If you win the lottery, and are feeling VERY generous … Take a road trip! Plan an adventure with a new pair of his and hers bikes, hit the road, enjoy the views. That’s what we’d do:)

Have fun keeping the favorite rider on your list safe and happy! (and if the gift is for yourself, ride safe this season). Use our dealer locator, and head to your local dealer, for personalized suggestions and help picking out just the right gift.

Your turn:  What’s on your list this season?

P.S.  We make over 70 pair of gloves and offer free shipping on a bunch of them. To learn more, click below to visit our online store. Above all else … ride safe!

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