2015-16 Snowmobile Gloves Buyers Guide: Good, Better, Best  

It gets pretty cold out there on the trails.  Warm base layers, headgear, and gloves are essential. 

When it comes to keeping hands warm, there are really only 2 rules: keep hands dry, and body heat in.  Waterproof, windproof, insulated cold weather gloves are a must.

Yet, when it comes to snowmobile gear, there’s a range of prices, features, and choices.

That’s why we arranged our updated 2015-16 Buyer’s Guide (Scroll down, below) according to “GOOD”, “VERY GOOD”, AND “BEST”.

All 16 featured gloves will keep you warm, but different gloves will suit different needs.

“BEST” gloves will keep hands warmest on the trails, with features like a Gore-tex® glove insert — the best weather proof technology in the industry. Goretex® gloves are guaranteed waterproof, breathable and windproof.  These gloves also have premium insulation like PrimaLoft®, or Thinsulate®; interior wicking fabrics that help manage moisture; and other cold weather and convenience features like shield wipers and touch screen fingertips.


“VERY GOOD” gloves may not be as heavy on the name brand components, but have lots of solid features to keep hands warm and dry while sledding. These gloves have an Aquatex glove insert — fully breathable, windproof and waterproof — similar, but not identical, to high performance Gore-Tex®; plus premium insulation, and many other excellent features as well.

 gloves are warm, but tailored to specific uses. For instance, “All Season” windproof gloves are versatile; they aren’t built for extreme cold or wet — but might be just right for sunny day on the trails in the 40’s/50’s, or heated grips. They’re less insulated, but depending on conditions, can be warm … and dry … enough. A DriLock waterproof glove is windproof warm and dry, but not breathable — good, but maybe not as comfortable if you work up a sweat sledding for longer periods.



How Much Should Snowmobile Gloves Cost?

There’s a wide price range, depending on features. The 16 glove styles in the Buyer’s Guide below are moderately priced, from $30 to $100 — but a quick internet search will turn up brands that cost $200 or more.

Bottom line: Usually, you get what you pay for.  WInter gloves with higher quality materials and extra “nice to have” features generally cost more.  But advertising, “middlemen”, etc. add unnecessary expense. You can get what you need for under $50  … and certainly for under $100.

To ensure the best value and performance, check product descriptions and online reviews


Gloves or Mittens? 

We make both, but due to dexterity and other factors, 95% of snowmobile riders choose gloves. Mittens have more warmth. Gloves have more dexterity.

Learn more, here:  What’s Warmest: Snowmobile Gloves, or Snowmobile Mittens?


BUYER’S GUIDE: 16 Snowmobile Gloves For Warm Hands

Note: ALL 16 GLOVES DESCRIBED BELOW ARE WARM. THE RATING OF “GOOD”,” VERY GOOD”, AND “BEST” RELATES TO THE TYPE OF WEATHERPROOF INSERT USED, whether it has sealed seams to make it waterproof vs. merely windproof, whether it has more or less insulation, and its relative breathable quality.

P.S. For a more enjoyable day on the trails, look for features like …  goggle wiper/shield squeegee, touch-enabled fingertips for smart phones, extra long gauntlets, a thermal layer at the fingertips for extra warmth, and more. To shop for Snowmobile Gloves:



Style Name/#


Men’s / Women’s Description

4102 Weatherking Extra Touch

NEW IN 2014


Men’s Only


Gore-tex® insert, PrimaLoft® insulation, smart phone fingertips, premium leather, moisture-managed lining, advanced grip, reflective knuckle trim, 3 blade shield wiper, more.  BEST

4270 Gore-Tex Wolf   $99.95  Men’s only


Gore-tex® insert, premium leather, 3 blade shield wiper, comfort pile lining, Thinsulate® insulation, night vision reflectivity, palm padding, 2 way cuff adjustment, absorbent soft chamois thumb strip, more. BEST

4298 Gore-Tex 2 in 1 Commander   $79.95  Men’s only


Gore-Tex® 2-way insert  (great for heated grips) allows you to choose between maximum grip and maximum warmth. PrimaLoft® insulation, reflective piping, palm grip, more. BEST

4294 Men’s Aventador

4295 Women’s Aventador

$74.95   Men’s (4294) & Women’s (4295)

Gore-tex® insertPrimaLoft® insulation, unique thermal fleece layer at the fingertips for extra warmth, Goggle wiper, more. BEST

GT 4150 Gore-Tex All Season

$94.95  Men’s only Gore-tex® insert, lightweight Thermolite insulation (better for heated grips), flex knuckles, reflective piping, goggle wiper and more. BEST
4390 Aquatex Husky   $74.95  Men’s only


Aquatex Waterproof and Windproof insert, Thinsulate insulation, reflective piping, shield wiper, 2 way cuff adjustment and a Softinside™ pile lining  VERY GOOD

7300 Cold Weather Touch Screen $39.95   Men’s only


Aquatex Waterproof and Windproof insert, Thinsulate® insulation, Cordura nylon, Rubbertech palm plus touch screen fingertips, moreVERY GOOD

1320 Voyager  $44.95  Men’s only


Aquatex Waterproof and Windproof insert, Thinsulate® insulation, goggle wiper, knuckle protectors, Rubbertech palm. VERY GOOD

4370 Men’s  Cold Throttle,

4375 Women’s Cold Throttle


 Men’s (4370) and  Women’s (4375)

Aquatex insert, light Thinsulate® on the palm/heavier Thinsulate® back of the hand, for heated grips. Superior grip, goggle wiper, protective knuckles, reflective piping . VERY GOOD

6500 Cold Zip   $29.95  Men’s only


Thinsulate® insulation, DriLock Waterproof and Windproof insert, Rubbertech palm grip, waterproof zipper pocket for valuables, Bemberg lining, leather-free/vegan outer shell. GOOD

6000 Mustang I   $24.95  Men’s only


Thinsulate® insulation with DriLock Waterproof and Windproof insert, brushed Thermofleece lining, leather-free/vegan outer shell. GOOD

6003 Mustang III   $24.95  Men’s only 3 finger glove with Thinsulate® insulation, DriLock Waterproof and Windproof insertThermofleece lining, leather-free/vegan alternativeGOOD

4352 All Season II Touch

NEW IN 2014

  $79.95  Men’s only


This is one of our best all season motorcycle gloves — a leather, water resistant, windproof glove —  with lightweight Thermolite insulation, padded knuckles,  touch-enabled on the thumb and index finger, advanced grip, reflective, goggle wiper. Lighter warmth without bulk is right some of the time for snowmobiling, but without sealed seams … NOT waterproof.  GOOD

4350 All Season I $74.95  Men’s only


This is one of our best all season motorcycle gloves — a leather, water resistant, windproof glove —  with lightweight Thermolite insulation, padded knuckles, goggle wiper. Lighter warmth without bulk is right some of the time for snowmobiling, but without sealed seams … NOT waterproof.  GOOD


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