Riding a motorcycle requires special gear to improve your riding experience, capabilities and comfort. That makes choosing the right motorcycle gear critically important. Here are three key areas of focus to help you  buy the right Motorcycle gear and improve your riding ability and comfort. 

How Motorcycle Gear Will Improve Riding Function

Your motorcycle gear must make it possible to do more riding. That means it will make riding more viable and more comfortable under different conditions. A full-face helmet will help you to ride in rain and cold weather, for example. But it could become a liability when it is hot outside. Yet, if it is one of the newer varieties of full-face helmets that convert into a three-quarter helmet, you can improve your comfort and riding visibility.

A good riding jacket is among the most important motorcycle gear and will protect against weather, bugs, and possible road rash. It also should have room for removable jacket liners for cooler weather and locations for removable armor for riders of sport bikes and others who choose to wear. Riding boots need to keep your feet warm and protect your ankles. Waterproof boots are a bonus.

Your gloves should help to absorb handlebar vibration, prevent cold air and rain from shooting up your sleeves in less than ideal weather, and protect your knuckles and palms against general abrasion. Fingerless gloves are less protective but work great in hot weather while still enabling you to use your fingertips for adjusting the idle, manipulating zippers and other tasks that require greater manual dexterity.

How Motorcycle Gear Will Improve Safety

Riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous. But, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer injuries in an accident and can’t get right back in the saddle. Your choice of motorcycle gear will improve the odds of riding away from a minor mishap without injury to anything other than your pride, if even that. Your motorcycle gear should improve the odds of not only surviving a potential accident but being able to walk away or, even better, ride away from it.

A riding jacket with either thick leather or plentiful armor and reinforcement in the shoulders, elbows and kidney areas can improve safety. The same goes for gloves, chaps, overpants, boots, and helmets. Even your choice of eyewear should have safety in mind. Safety always is the most important consideration for your gear.

How Motorcycle Gear Will Look

Riding a motorcycle is cool and no one wants to look goofy while in the saddle. Fortunately, most anything you wear by way of motorcycle gear  that is designed to improve rider safety and comfort already looks cool. That’s why motorcycle gear has an inherently cool look that inspires fashionable knockoffs and not the other way around.

Wearing black leather motorcycle gear is a cool look that goes along with riding cruisers and other motorcycles. But that black leather look didn’t come around by accident. The leather is a necessary way to protect your skin and cushion the blow of taking a fall or laying down your bike. It limits road rash and helps to keep your bones in place. The black comes from the days when most motorcycles leaked oil, which was bound to get on your boots, chaps, jacket and gloves. Instead of wiping off the oil or worrying about stains, you just worked it into your black leather. 

When you take the time to carefully consider and choose the right motorcycle gear, you will find your rides are safer and more enjoyable while improving riding distance and ability.