For motorcycle enthusiasts – bikers – the winter blues set in right about the same time we put away the bike for the last time and hook up the trickle charger. It doesn’t take long to miss the open road. So what do we do? We start to dream about the curves, think about the wind and our right hand starts to twitch & twist a bit.

Winter doesn’t have to hurt. Here are a few ways to beat those winter biker blues.

1) Watch biker movies & shows like Easy Rider, Sons of Anarchy, Then Came Bronson or Wild Hogs. Losing oneself in the dream world of movies and TV can help quell some of the winter blues. Whether there’s snow outside your window or just cool, wet weather, immersing yourself in the world of make-believe just might help. Of course, it could have the reverse effect and make things worse. In which case, move on to tip number 2.

2) Go out to the garage, sit in the saddle and make “vroom vroom” noises like a 7 year old. My nephew loves to sit on his little Harley-Davidson scooter and pretend he’s riding with his grandpa. It works for him and kids all over the world. Maybe it can work for you. If not…see the next step.

3) Visit your local motorcycle dealer. So your cold garage doesn’t cut it, and neither does the cold glow of the TV screen. Maybe heading down to the showroom to talk bikes with some like-minded friends will help.

4) Wait for a clear day & clean roads, slip on some cold weather riding gloves and take the bike for a spin.

5) Clean your bike and dream of that first day of Spring when you can take it out and get some fresh dirt on that shiny chrome.