Have you ever ridden your motorcycle and noticed the feeling in your hand? Sometimes it tingles and feels asleep or even numb? This is actually a common problem among motorcyclists and there are many things that can cause it. There are also several myths about hand numbness among motorcycle riders. Here are a few.


Myth#1: It will go away on its own

Some riders think that shaking their hands and continuing the ride while ignoring the problem will make it go away. It’s true that once you stop riding, your hand will return to its normal state. But hand numbness is a problem and it will not disappear when you ride until you address it. There are several things you can do including wear padded gloves with support, change the way you grip the bar, and alter your handlebars. But until you take steps to improve the numbness, it’s likely not going anywhere.


Myth#2: Everyone gets it

While it’s true that many motorcyclists experience numb hands at one point or another, it is not true that everyone gets it every time they read. Hand numbness, while prevalent, is not normal. It should not be something you simply put up with. Instead, you should address it and deal with it so you can enjoy your rides to their fullest.


Myth#3: It’s normal

Motorcycles cause quite a bit of vibration and a lot of that goes through the handlebars and into your hands. It makes sense that they would be numb, right? In some ways, yes, but it is not normal for your hands to feel numb, even when you ride your motorcycle. Try motorcycle gloves for numb hands and if that doesn’t work, reduce the vibration on your bike. You can also adjust the handlebars and change your grip, among other things. If nothing works, see your doctor about the issue. It is NOT normal.


Myth#4: It’s nothing to worry about

Many motorcyclists experience numb hands and do not seem concerned so why should you worry about it? There are plenty of reasons why numb hands are cause for concern and if you want to continue riding your motorcycle in a safe manner, you will worry about the issue until you correct it.


Myth#5: It won’t affect my riding

Riding a motorcycle involves the hands in a heavy manner. They help you steer, brake, accelerate, and direct the bike in other ways. If your hands are numb, you may not be able to force them to react as fast to elements around you and that is simply unsafe. Also, if you experience numb hands, you may not want to ride as far or for as long, which affects your rides plenty.


Numb hands are not a nice feeling and if you get them when you ride, you should experiment with ways to prevent and improve the feeling. You don’t want to be unsafe or avoid rides or simply not enjoy them because of it.