Deerskin has long been prized by riders, and deerskin gloves can make a great addition to your motorcycle gear collection.

When designed and constructed well, no motorcycle glove will feel softer, or fit better.

Here are 5 surprising facts about deerskin … and 5 tips on how to choose and care for the deerskin motorcycle glove that is right for you.

Trust us … you’ll never look at Bambi the same way again.

1. Flexible, Stretchable, Comfortable Custom Fit

Soft deerskin gloves are known for their ability to stretch to fit your hand. The leather will stretch width wise, but not in finger length — resulting in an excellent fit that nicely molds to and conforms to your hand.

Sizing Tip: Be sure to buy deerskin gloves a bit tighter and on the snug side, as this will create a perfect custom fit once the fibers are done stretching and conforming to your hands. 

2. Naturally Water Repellant AND Dries Soft After Becoming Wet

When deerskin becomes wet, it does not dry stiff or less pliable like other leathers. It has natural water resistent properties, repelling moisture in humid climates or light rain.

“Waterproof” Tip:  While deerskin gloves are naturally water resistant and stay soft after getting wet, that does not mean they are waterproof.  It takes a specially treated leather to stay soft after becoming wet, and requires a liner and sealed seams for a leather glove to be completely waterproof — like Olympia’s Monsoon Washable/Waterproof glove and other waterproof gloves.

3. Extremely Soft and Supple, Yet Tough and Protective

Deerskin is known for its abrasion resistance — it is more abrasion resistant than other types of leather. Due to the way the fibers in deerskin are interwoven, the leather is amazingly soft and supple to the touch– yet more durable than similarly constructed cowhide gloves.

“Breaking in” Tip: Everyone seems to have their own favorite way to break in leather gloves. Here are 8 suggestions:  Breaking in Leather Motorcycle Gloves: Tips and Myths

4. Strong, Durable, Good Insulator

The fiber structure of deerskin leather will stay cooler in hotter climates, and warmer in colder climates. Compared to many other leathers, this quality makes deerskin an extremely versatile “all season” choice.

“All Season” Riding Tip: Deerskin gloves will provide 3 seasons of wear in most temperate climates. To wear them in winter, just pair them with liners for extra warmth — and you’ll be good to go.


5. Long Lasting and Easy to Care For

You can wash them if you need to, which is not true of many other leathers. Just don’t put them in the dryer, as exposure to that type of heat can dry out the leather and make it hard and brittle.

With a little care, they should last for many miles … especially if you buy a durable brand with reinforced seams.

Glove Care Tip: With a little leather cleaner and leather conditioner, you can get seasons of wear from your new leather gloves. For more glove care tips, check out our “Glove Care Guide“.

More Facts About Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves:

Deerskin is used as the material glove of choice for many Scandinavian woodsmen, in rugged conditions. This attests to the material’s overall durability!

And, the finest deerskin comes from the North American White Tailed deer (which is what we use).  This species is prized for deerskin gloves above all other deerskin leather.

Shopping for deerskin gloves?

We use premium quality deerskin, and craft it into 3 “classic”styles: an unlined roper deerskin glove, and a gauntlet glove with an extended gauntlet cuff, which comes both lined and unlined. 

Ride safe!

P.S. We make over 70 styles of gloves, some with free shipping. To learn more about our deerskin motorcycle glove styles, visit a local dealer or our online store:

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