If you’re a serious motorcycle rider, you don’t care if it’s sunny or raining, you’re going to ride either way. But you don’t want to have to keep track of different gloves depending on the weather, right? You have bigger things to worry about! Instead of watching the weather channel to decide what to wear, spend more time on your motorcycle with the Olympia 4300 Gore-Tex Rain or Shine Gloves. Here are several reasons why one pair of gloves is the way to go!


Reason#1: Convenience

It’s just easy to grab your gloves and go, no matter what the weather is doing. If you have gloves that work on sunny and rainy days a like, you don’t have to worry about thinking ahead. Just get your gloves on and go!


Reason#2: Versatile

Because your gloves work well rain or shine, they are highly versatile. They hold up well in weather elements, but they also give you a windproof element to fight several different items at once. The gel anti shock pads also fight hand numbness by absorbing the vibrations from the engine.


Reason#3: More Time on the Road

When you are looking forward to a nice, long ride, you don’t want to have to stop if it starts to rain. You also don’t want to put off leaving because you have to decide what gloves to wear and whether or not to pack another pair. Having one pair of gloves that work for everything gets you more time on the road, where you should be.


Reason#4: Technology

When you have gloves that work well rain or shine, they come with the technology you need. The Olympia 4300 Gore-Tex Rain or Shine Gloves have touch screen technology. Not only do you not have to stop to change gloves when the weather shifts, but you also do not have to take the gloves off when you need to look up directions or make a call. You also get the convenient Visor Wiper, which helps you fight the rain elements when you’re on the road and it gets hard to see.


Reason#5: Adjustability

Gloves that work in all weather elements need to be adjustable for the hands. Hands change in size when weather shifts and you might want them looser when it’s hot and sunny and tighter when it’s cooler and raining. Not only are adjustable elements important for you, but you can then share the gloves with other riders.


When you want to ride your motorcycle any time of the year in any weather and you’re serious about your trips, you need gloves that you can wear rain or shine. The Olympia 4300 Gore-Tex Rain or Shine Gloves are the perfect fit for any serious rider who doesn’t let a little rain stop their road trip.