When the snow starts to melt, the temperature rises and the sun shines more often, you know spring is on its way. If you don’t live somewhere warm enough to ride year round, your motorcycle may have been in a stationary position for many months.


Here are a few sure signs of spring for the avid motorcycle rider.


Sign #1: The Noise

When you drive around in your car during the winter months, things are quiet.  You might hear the slush of snow under your tires, but that’s about it. Once spring hits, you will recognize is by the sheer noise around you. You’ll start to hear the music other drivers are enjoying because they have their windows down and their stereo loud. You will see pedestrians walk by, talking to friends. Bicyclists will wiz past and there will be plenty of other noises buzzing around. Not to mention other motorcycle enthusiasts will be out and about testing out their rides!


Sign #2: Rain

One great sign of spring is the fact that you are starting to see more rain. In the colder temperatures, it’s always freezing rain and snow. While you may not feel comfortable riding in rain, at least you know that rain means spring and spring means more accommodating riding weather. Keep a rain suit packed in your saddle bags if you want to prepare for changing conditions.


Sign #3: Reflex Itch

If your clutch hand is starting to itch for a ride even more than it did all winter, you k now spring has sprung. Keep in mind, if you haven’t ridden for a while, your reflexes might not be as fast as they were at the end of the last riding season. Take up riding again slowly and make sure you get the feel of your clutch and brake operations before you ride too far or in heavy traffic.


Sign #4: Messy Roads

After a long, hard winter, many of the roads in your area are bound to be a mess. The snow and ice has melted away, but if you see a lot of rocks, sand and other debris on the road, you know spring is in the air. You will either want to wait for spring rains to wash the debris away or proceed with care. If you hit any of the items left behind the wrong way, it could lead to trouble.


Sign #5: Safety Checks

If your motorcycle has been calling to you every time you walk by it, it’s a good sign that spring has arrived and you should go ahead with your annual safety checks. You will want to look over the tires and wheels, the controls, the lights and electric system, various fluids, the chassis and the side stand. Once your bike is fully inspected and updated, you are ready to roll.


Many people enjoy the birds chirping, the smell of rain, and the warmer temperatures. While those things are nice, there’s nothing like the sound of motorcycles in the air to put a smile on your face. Soon, yours will be one of them.