When you need to buy motorcycle gloves, you go to the store, pick up the first pair of gloves and walk to the register, right? Wrong. Buying motorcycle gloves should take a little time and effort. If you want to get gloves that will be safe, comfortable, and appropriate in all the right areas, take these tips into consideration.more



Tip #1: Go for Comfort

Comfort is number one on many riders’ lists. Of course, you want to be safe as well, but if the gloves aren’t comfortable, you are less likely to wear them. As you inspect the various types of gloves available, try on a variety and see what they feel like. You will want a glove that fits well so they are not too tight and not too loose. You will need to be able to flex your fingers at a moment’s notice within the gloves.


Tip #2: Inspect Construction

Most motorcycle gloves are made of leather or strong nylon. You will want to ensure that the gloves you buy are made from strong materials so they will protect your palms if you need them during an accident. Leather motorcycle gloves should also have reinforcements in the palm areas like extra padding. You might find that padding around the knuckles as well. Look at the stitching on the gloves and make sure the construction is tight and ready for anything. It is a good idea to inspect gloves in person. Once you know what the varieties of gloves are like, you can order spares online.


Tip #3: Consider Weather

Do you ride all year long or just in fair weather? Think about your riding needs and make sure you get gloves to match. If you ride in the summer only, for example, you will want gloves that are cooler in nature so your hands don’t get too hot. Look for gloves with good ventilation. If you ride in the winter as well, you will want insulation and full coverage to keep your hands warm.


Tip #4: Get Practical

No matter what time of the year you ride, your gloves will get dirty. How are you going to clean them? The outside is simple enough if you get leather. You can use leather shampoos and cleaning processes. But what about the inside? There are actually some gloves that come with liners so you can take the liner out and wash it in your machine and still protect the leather materials. Liners are also nice because you can use the same gloves in a variety of weather situations. Put the liners in when it is cold and take them out in the heat.


Tip #5: Think about Riding Needs

Do your hands ever get numb when you ride? Do you get sore in one particular spot on your palm when you ride too far? Think about your riding needs and then find gloves that will help you with those issues. If your hands get numb from riding, get gloves with extra padding to help combat the vibration on your bike. There are enough gloves out there that one option can fit just about any issue you face.


Finding the right motorcycle gloves can take a little time, thought, and effort. Once you put in that extra work, however, you will be glad you did because you will end up with the perfect set of gloves that fit right and protect your hands from elements and falls. Use these tips as a checklist to make sure you get the right gloves to make every ride more enjoyable all the way around.