Missing the twist of the throttle, the feel of the clutch and the smell of the open road? Us too. For those of us who don’t hit the slopes, winter becomes the season of waiting.

Many of us poke around the internet looking for motorcycle videos. We thumb through motorcycle magazines looking for reviews of our favorite bikes and trips. Sometimes we even look back through old pictures of past motorcycle vacations. 

But you don’t have to suffer through the cooler months with your gloves sitting on your saddle, lonely and unused. Want to have a little fun this winter? Use your motorcycle gloves in a creative way! Turn those forgotten accessories into useful additions to your everyday activities.

1) Wear your motorcycle gloves while running a snowblower. If you live a snowy state, your snowblower gets a lot of use. Early in the season, it can be fun. By mid-winter, it’s a chore. Spice up your snow life by wearing those leather gloves – even if they’re fingerless leather biker gloves – and pretend you’re on your bike. Okay, the neighbors may look at you a little oddly but they’ll probably high-five you when you turn the snowblower on their driveway because you’re actually having fun.

2) Take a snowmobile for a ride. If your riding gloves are a bit more heavy duty, you might be able to use them on a friend’s sled. You can even use high-quality vibration motorcycle gloves to help ease the vibration of a snowmobile! Now, if your gloves aren’t made for cold weather, you may want to think about wearing good old fashioned mittens over them. It still means you get to wear your favorite motorcycle gloves.  

3) Turn your motorcycle gloves into driving gloves. Have a little fun in your car this winter and wear your riding gloves! I wouldn’t recommend wearing your helmet. People look at you funny and the police might pull you over. But hey… it’s not against the law! (Is it? Check your local ordinances…) Plus, driving gloves aren’t that weird. Europeans wear them all the time, right?

4) Wear them to work and high five coworkers. You can inject a little fun into your 9-to-5 with biker gloves while maybe keeping your hands warm! Of course, if your office isn’t cold, it could get a bit uncomfortable with your gloves on all day. 

5) Turn housework into an adventure. Whether it’s vacuuming the house, making the bed, taking out the garbage or dusting… wear those gloves to keep them from getting stiff. Hey, maybe you’ll even feel the remnants of the last ride you took. One can dream…

Maybe wearing your gloves will help beat the winter biker blues. Maybe it will just make our neighbors and family look at you a little more strangely. Either way, you’re another day closer to riding season! If you don’t love your motorcycle gloves enough to wear them all winter, maybe you need to consider upgrading. Gel palm motorcycle gloves, high-end gloves and other wearables for your throttle hand can take your riding experience to the next level. When you’re ready to up the ante, let us know.