Most people think of motorcycle riding as primarily a summer activity. But the reality is that, if you have a love affair with bikes, you’ll want to ride as much as possible and stay warm on your motorcycle, no matter what the season is.

Now unless you live somewhere warm, like California or Florida, you are going to have to deal with fluctuating seasonal weather variations. Which means that for most people in the northern climates, riding is a 3 season sport, being done in the spring, summer and fall. So during those chilly spring mornings or cool fall evenings, you are going to have to figure out ways to keep yourself warm. Here are some of the best ways to stay warm on your motorcycle.

Layers and more layers

This might be a no brainer, but multiple layers of clothing are your best bet for keeping warm. Thermal t-shirts and underwear work best for under layers, cotton and wool over that, and Gore-Tex nylon jackets or leather jackets work best on the exterior of your body to block the wind. Also add in a full face helmet and some insulated gloves, you will stay warm on your motorcycle and you’ll be good to go,

Your windshield

Unless you ride a naked bike, your windshield is your best friend when riding in the cold. Cruisers, standards and even crotch rockets have windshields, and if you hunker down behind them, you’ll keep most, if not all, of the wind from stealing your body heat.

Electric heat

Virtually any bike can be retrofitted with electric heat. These would include heated hand grips, heated seats, and in clothing, you can get heated jackets and heated gloves. But if you are going to choose one type of electric heat overall, get heated hand grips.

There is an old saying that goes something like, “If your hands are warm, your body will be too.” That may sound like an old wives tale, but there is truth in that statement. Simply put, as chilled blood flows into your warm hands, it warms back up and flows back into your body. You’ll get all around warmth just by keeping your hands toasty warm.


Believe it or not, eating food before you go riding will keep you warmer. Your body burns calories while digesting food, for starters, and that means warmth right there. However, by adding food you are, essentially, adding insulation to your core. And if you keep your core warm, the rest of your body will also be warmer too.

Common sense

Because the majority of bikers are passionate about riding, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. A warm spring day might seem like the perfect time for a t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes on a bike. But if you stay out too late, and the temperature begins to plummet, you are going to freeze on the ride home.

It doesn’t take much to stuff a backpack with heavier clothing, just in case. Even something simple like a pair of jeans, a jacket and some gloves will make all the difference when the temperature begins to dip and you are out 50 miles from where you live.

If you only do one thing on this entire list to stay warm on your motorcycle, think ahead before you ride, and use common sense to combat the cold. It will work every time.