It’s true that a certain aura goes along with anyone on a motorcycle. Some are good, some are not. While we love the old movies, they leave many non-riders with many misconceptions we bikers deal with that just aren’t true. TV shows, movies, and a select few shape how the world looks at bikers, but more are everyday people enjoying the roads in a different way. Here are the top misconceptions many people have about those who ride motorcycles.

All bikers are in a gang

True, there are some classic motorcycle gangs like in the movies, but the large majority of those who ride motorcycles do it for the sheer enjoyment of riding. There are clubs of men and women who simply like riding with other people and there are even Christian based riding clubs. These ‘gangs’ deliver stuffed animals to children in hospitals or riding to honor a fallen hero.

Bikers are mean

Ever seen a show that includes a biker bar? And, of course, there’s always a brawl breaking out for no apparent reason. Because bikers are mean, right? Look at them the wrong way and you’re toast! Wrong! Certainly, there are bikers that are less than friendly, but the vast majority of riders spend at least one weekend on charity rides.

Bikers have tattoos everywhere

Maybe bikers were the trendsetters with ink, but over the last decade they have clearly been outdone by the 20 somethings.  Tattoos are not a riding requirement. Only a license and a bike are required. Helmets and gloves are highly suggested.

Bikers aren’t smart

This is my favorite misconception.  Because of the persona bikers hold, many assume that they are uneducated and on the low end of the IQ scale, but nothing could be further from the truth. The next time you see a biker, you may be looking at a doctor, a lawyer, a professor, a small business owner, a cop or a person with any number of other professions.  Some of the nicest bikes I ever saw on daily commutes were in Los Alamos, NM.  The city with the highest percentage of Ph.D.’s in the world.


Bikers are risk takers

Some people who ride bikes do not wear helmets or other safety gear and they may take unnecessary risks, but most riders want to stay as safe as possible and continue to ride for as long as possible. You will see riders in full leather protective gear including riding gloves, helmets and, of course, protective gloves. You are more likely to see a reckless driver in a car, than on a motorcycle.  Bikers understand the consequences. 

Motorcycle Riders are like any other group of people. There are people of every different type and style within the group. Men and women. Tattooed and not. It is unfair to categorize every rider under the exact same heading. The only sure thing ever motorcycle owner has in common is the love of riding!


What stereotypes do you HATE?  

Which ones do you LOVE?

What ones do you WISH were true?