We’re always interested in the newest and coolest motorcycle gadgets.  It’a funny how something as simple a new handle grips or a cupholder can make a huge difference in your comfort on the road. 

Some gadgets aren’t worth the money, but several are well worth their price for the comfort, safety or convenience they add..

Here are a few inexpensive gadgets that will help make your trip a little more enjoyable.

1. Tank Bags

Tank bags are pretty much the perfect summer or year-round motorcycle gadget. They are sturdy, fit snugly over your tank, and keep small useful items (like sunblock, multi-tool, phone, etc.) close at hand and off your body during the hot summer months, Most models have a sleek, contoured shape and include a clear weatherproof sleeve or pocket for maps or other items you might need to find at a glance. Tank bags run from $35 and up. 

The Chatterbox tank bag allows you to interact with your cell phone screen through a clear vinyl layer, while providing your phone protection from the elements. The magnetic backing of this bag sticks right onto your bike, bypassing the need for a mount. Price for this gadget is right around $25.

2. Toll Pass Mount

Going the scenic route? You might hit an old fashioned toll. If you plan ahead and buy a toll pass, there’s no need to let it get lost among all the other racket going on in your jacket. Toll pass mounts allow for easy organization and coordination of the toll payment process. Toll pass mounts typically run about $10 – $15.

3. Helmet Lock

This is a basic gadget, but one you can’t do without. The Helmet Locks are made to lock your helmet onto the side of your motorcycle’s handlebars. If you’ve had your fair share of helmets lost or stolen in the past, then it’s time to get this gadget. When you’re not using them, helmet locks are so small you can keep them in your pocket or other carrying case. Prices generally range from $15 – $25.

4. Lighted Digital Tire Gauges

Tire pressure is a big priority when you’re on the road. Lighted digital tire gauges are a handy tool for checking tire pressure in areas of low or no light. Lighted digital gauges are usually small enough to carry in your pockets or toss in luggage. They’re also available in ergonomic designs, allowing you to check your tires with ease. Most gauges run from $5 – $10 US dollars.

5. iPhone Cradles

In a world of constant communication needs, you’ve also got to drive safe. Your iPhone provides a valuable hand-held mapping function, your music, and all the texts, reminders and important calls from home. Invest in a stable, secure mount for your phone on cross country motorcycle trips. The ever popular RAM Mount iPhone cradle is priced at only $10 or less and is a great addition to your motorcycle gadget collection.

6.  Shock Absorbing Gloves and Gel Grips

We hear from riders all the time who have problems with hand numbness from road vibration. Padded  gloves with gel palms can help.  Gel padded, shock absorbing gloves come in all price ranges (we make 22 styles, starting at $25) … and Gel or Foam Grip covers will also absorb some of the vibe for $15-25.

More Motorcycle Gadgets and Gear “Must Haves”

When you’re passionate about life on the road, you want the right gear to support it. And the best way to learn what motorcycle gear is worth it, is to ask other riders.

What other simple motorcycle gadgets make your ride better?  Leave us a comment — let us know what we missed.

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Image: Mark Roy via Flickr