If you’re a private label glove buyer, and you’re good at what you do, it’s because of your unique management style.

In our experience, each private label buyer has a slightly different way of approaching the sourcing process.

Of the 6 glove buying/management types we have identified, which management style best describes you?more

1. Type B: “Bottom Line”

This type of buyer is most likely to say: “Here’s the retail, this is the product I want”.

When we work with “Type B” , we appreciate the trust he places in our expertise and ability to deliver the right product. He trusts that we know how to hit his cost target, and focus on the right product features in a time of rising costs.

2. Type M: “Methodical”

The “Type M” glove buyer is all about detail. She rolls up her sleeves and works hard to understand each line of the cost sheet, and learn which variables have the most impact on her retails.

When we work with “Type M”, we get to share all the facts we consider. In turn, she appreciates that level of detail.

3. Type G: “Goal Setter”

What’s great about “Type G” is that she’s very clear about her glove buying goals and her product strategy. Each small decision is guided by a bigger picture.

Alternatives are easily sorted. This keeps us on track, and helps to hit the sales, product and profitability targets faster.

4. Type C: “Collaborative”

“Type C” is all about building long term relationships. He is a little more intuitive and holistic in the variables to consider.  The investment in relationships always pays off in the crunch.  Can’t make the minimums? Need fast-track product deliveries? No worries … every supplier is willing to go the extra mile when required. 

5. Type A: “Aesthetic”

“Type A” is keenly aware of the aesthetic that will and won’t please the customer. She makes it easy to hone in on exactly which details deliver the aesthetic she wants … and we know where to focus our efforts to create the right combination of glove features and styling that makes everyone happy.

6.  Type D: “Direct”

“Type D” is a man of action. He is spontaneous, and doesn’t spin wheels.

We know up front that he won’t have the time to dig into the details … and by being aware of this action-oriented style, we can cut to the chase with a shorter list of options that meet the needs of his business.

What Kind of Private Label Glove Buyer Are You?

One management type is not better than another. The key is to understand your style and make sure your needs are met based on that.

  • When evaluating each fork in the sourcing road, are you guided by big picture goals?
  • Or are you more inclined to master the details, getting peace of mind that you left no stone unturned?
  • Is deep customer knowledge and consumer-centricity your edge?

Do you recognize yourself in any of our buyer descriptions? Did we leave any important types out?

Let us know in the comments!