Motorcycle gloves that work well for men won’t necessarily work well for women. Men’s hands generally are larger, have thicker fingers, and the motorcycle gloves men wear often times won’t work well for  women. The best motorcycle gloves for women is one that incorporates many design elements that make the glove more suitable for women and the special needs of their hands.more

Slender Fit

When you are looking for a good motorcycle glove for women, it is best to find one that has a slender fit. Thicker gloves that are designed to accept a man’s hand generally will have a much looser fit on women. That means the glove is more likely to slip while riding or fall off during an accident, when the protection of gloves is more important. A good motorcycle glove for women will have a much more snug fit along the fingers and palm area, which improves riding grip, glove protection, and general safety.

External Seams

Because women have slender hands and fingers, gloves that have a lot of seams on the inside can become very irritating to the skin and create sore spots and blisters. The best motorcycle gloves for women will have external seams as often as possible to prevent fingers and palms from becoming irritating, sore, or blistered. When you can wear a comfortable pair of gloves with external seams, the ability to feel the handlebars, throttle, and control levers.

Knuckle Protection

Women need to have their knuckles protected as well as men. Unfortunately, the knuckles on riding gloves designed for primarily for men many times don’t line up properly for women’s knuckles. The best motorcycle glove for women with have additional protection in the knuckle area that lines up properly for your knuckles. The added protection usually with be either ribbed padding, Kevlar, or other type of armor that provides additional resistance to abrasion and hard impacts.  

Ergonomic Palm

Women’s hands generally are less powerful than men’s hands, and it can be harder for you to get a good grip on handlebars and manipulate the palm and fingers than with riding gloves designed for men. The best motorcycle glove for women is one that has an ergonomically designed palm that is precurved to make it easier to grip the handlebars and throttle and to manipulate the control levers. When you try on a pair of gloves, a good test is to try to make a fist. If the glove causes you to exert yourself and makes it difficult to close your hand in a gripping motion, the gloves are not a good choice. The best motorcycle glove for women allows you to freely move your hand and fingers.

Wrist Adjustment Straps

Riding gloves need to stay on the hand to be effective. If your gloves have a loose fit, they might fly off during even a single-vehicle wreck and leave your hands vulnerable to injured. The best motorcycle glove for women will have an adjustable wrist strap or similar system that cinches the glove to the wrist to prevent it from coming off during an accident or other riding mishap. Gloves that fly off the hand are not good riding gloves, and that is what many gloves designed for larger hands will do.

Additional Style

The vast majority of male riders never would wear pink, lavender, or other colorful gloves. Women, on the other hand, just might like them. Traditional black gloves always work well, but many women will want additional flair when it comes to the best motorcycle glove for women. More women than men are concerned with finding motorcycle gloves that will fit over their rings as well as be comfortable.