Every Thanksgiving, we go out of our way to cook something special for my niece Ashlee, who is vegan.

Whether or not Tofurky makes the menu, we always take her needs into account with lots of delicious choices.

Similarly, there’s a growing group of vegan motorcyclists who avoid animal products.

And while some motorcycle gear may be hard for vegan riders to attain, we’re happy to report that motorcycle gloves don’t have to be one of them.

A Good Pair of Vegan Gloves Just Got Easier to Find

There are a growing number of great man-made textiles that offer the strength, comfort and protection that a vegan motorcyclist needs.

So, we decided to go through our glove line and list the styles that use no animal products, and keep hands protected.  (See entire vegan glove collection here).

7 Vegan Motorcycle Glove Choices

Here are 7 Olympia styles that are leather-free and are made with no animal products:

  • The #760 Air Force Gel glove is our top-selling vegan glove.  A great spring glove, it offers a full mesh back that allows maximum airflow while riding.  Washable, gel palm to reduce vibrations, neoprene cuff to keep wrists cool, terry cloth sweat wipe on the back of the thumb, in 3 color combinations.
  • The ladies version is the #765 Ladies Air Force Gel glove … also with the same benefits as the men’s glove, listed above.
  • For a fingerless option, take a look at the #757 Air Force Gel glove.  In summer’s heat, it will keep you cool, and offers the same benefits as the full finger glove plus has quick release finger pulls for getting it off your hand easily.
  • For colder weather, Olympia offers the #6000 Mustang I, #6003 Mustang III, and #6500 Cold Zip gloves … great choices to keep your hands warm and dry in winter weather.  With Thinsulate, these are good gloves for both motorcycle riders and for snowmobilers. All are waterproof and windproof, too.
  • The #7300 Cold Weather Touch Screen glove not only has Touch Screen technology, to keep hands warm with Thinsulate while using your iphone or other electronics, it’s waterproof and windproof! (Olympia Style #7300).
  • Finally, when temperatures drop, all 6 of our glove liners provide the extra warmth that a vegan rider might need.  LINK http://olympia-gloves.myshopify.com/collections/motorcycle-glove-liners

Your Turn: What else would you like to see offered as a vegan rider?

P.S. It’s easy to delight the vegan motorcyclists on your holiday list! 

While you might have to search a little harder for vegan jackets, race suits, or even vegan engine oil, getting a new pair of mitts should be as easy as (vegan) pie.

Here’s a review of summer gloves that are cruelty-free: Vegan Leather Gloves: 3 Summer Options for Motorcyclists.

Or, click here to shop for vegan motorcycle gloves,

Online Special:  We offer free shipping on selected vegan gloves — depending on the season, the promotion varies.  Hopefully, shopping for your vegan riders on your list just got a little easier:)