Motorcycles put out powerful vibrations and those vibrations can move straight through the handlebars and into your hands. They can cause your hands to itch and sting and they can even cause irritating hand numbness. You don’t want your rides to be anything but the absolute best so here are a few tips to help you minimize the impact that your motorcycle’s vibration can have on your hands and your overall ride.


Tip#1: Stretch Hands Often

In order to minimize hand numbness due to the vibration in your motorcycle, it is a good idea to stretch your hands and give them a break often. That does not mean you have to pull over all the time. Simply take one hand from the bar and stretch it a bit or change its position every so often. The change can help minimize the impact of the constant vibration.


Tip#2: Invest in Great Gloves

There are plenty of motorcycle gloves on the market and some are better than others. When you buy Olympia gloves, you know you are getting the best. Olympia gloves have a wide range of options and the gel palm gloves are perfect for absorbing vibration. You can decrease the aggravation to your wrist and hands fast by getting the right pair of gloves on your hands for every ride.


Tip#3: Lower Handlebars

If your wrists are fatigued every time you ride because of the vibration, you should try lowering your handlebars or decreasing the spread. This will take the pressure off your hands and wrists and you will not feel the effect of the vibration as much.


Tip#4: Loosen Your Grip

If you want to feel the vibration less, grip the handlebars with less vigor. Some riders hold onto the handlebars too tightly at all times and that is unnecessary. Loosen your grip and you will not feel the impact of the vibration nearly as much.


Tip#5: Use the Cruise Control

It is nice to be in control every time you ride, but if you want to give your hands a break, put the cruise control on and rest one hand at a time. It will lessen the impact of the vibration overall.


Tip#6: Utilize Grip Covers

If the vibration is really giving you issues, use some grip covers to help cushion the grip from your hands. This in addition to wearing well padded Gel gloves and some other tips and ideas should help lessen the impact.


Tip#7: Adjustments

In order to help yourself further, adjust the brake and clutch levels to help straighten your wrist. This will take some of the weight from that area and it will also lessen what you feel in way of vibration.


Tip#8: Check Seat

You will want to check to make sure your seat is not too high. If it sits too high, you will feel more vibration than you would if it is at the proper height.


These are just a few of the tips you can try to minimize the impact of your motorcycle’s vibration as it goes from the engine into the bars and over your hands and wrists. If you get hand numbness from the vibration and the feeling persists, you need to consult a doctor and keep trying new things until you get the issue reversed. You want to enjoy your ride in every way and you certainly can’t do that with numb hands!