Not every motorcycle rider enjoys inclement weather, but if you have to (or want to!) ride in the rain, there are certain things that make the miles easier and more comfortable. Follow these tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain and you’ll come out the other side of the storm with ease, though still rather wet.


Tip#1: Check Tires

Not every motorcycle has the right type of tires for riding in the rain. Before you head out in a shower, make sure your tires are appropriate for rainy rides. Some tires are much more slick and don’t get good traction in rainy conditions.


Tip#2: Avoid Slippery Spots

Even if you have the right tires, certain spots on the road are more slippery than before. Avoid passing over the white center lines, manholes and other items that you know are a danger for sliding.


Tip#3: Watch Puddles

Riding through puddles can actually be really fun, but if you don’t know how deep it is, it can turn into a disaster really fast. It might be best to avoid them unless you are in an area you know.


Tip#4: Take Railroad Crossings Straight

Railroad tracks are metal and when they are wet, they are slippery. Aim your bike straight at the tracks and cross that way. Cross ways angles can tip you over fast.


Tip#5: Wear Good Motorcycle Gloves

The Olympia 4300 Gore-Tex Rain or Shine Gloves are perfect for riding rain or shine. These gloves are waterproof, windproof, and have anti-shock gel pads in the palms to combat vibrations and hand numbness. You can wear these gloves any time, but they work well in rainy conditions as well. Riding with good waterproof gloves allows you to keep your hands dry and your grip in tact.


Tip#6: Don’t Brake Strongly

When you need to stop or slow down, never slam on the brakes. Give yourself more stopping distance than usual and keep a larger space between you and vehicles in front of you. Rain can make it harder to stop suddenly so take precautions.


Tip#7: Use Visible Clothes

Rainy conditions can make it harder for other drivers to see you. If you anticipate a ride in the rain, make sure you have on highly visible clothes that others can see, even in the midst of a rainstorm.


Tip#8: Drive Slower

You may like the fast rides better, but when it’s raining, riding at a slower speed is simply the smart thing to do. Try to keep yourself as relaxed as possible so you don’t cramp up and get tired. Taking the road at a slower speed will help you stay calm in the rain.


Tip#9: Stop with Lightning

When you see lightning, you need to pull over and get cover. Riding in the rain is one thing, but riding with visible lightning is dangerous.


Some riders don’t bother riding in the rain at all, but if you’re on a long trip, weather can change fast. It’s best to be prepared for any possible weather situation so you aren’t stuck in something dangerous without the right gear or frame of mind. Keep these tips in mind if you ever go for a ride in the rain, whether you intend to or not.