Spring poses new challenges for the motorcycle rider!

Chilly mornings mean you need a warm glove, for comfort.  For warmer afternoon temperatures, protection and comfort become key factors.

What’s a rider to do?

Today, a rider sent us just this question, with an extra twist: finding warm gloves that fit her small hands!

Justine T. writes:

“…I am in search of a good winter riding glove in 20 – 30 degree temps. I have small hands and difficulty finding gloves that fit.

If the finger length is good then the web is too small and I can not open my hand to get to the clutch or brake levers. If the web fits and I can reach the controls then the fingers are too long and fold up underneath my fingers???

Looking for a glove that fits both requirements (fits my hand, and ability to grab levers) … and it is not warm enough for the 20 mile trek to work in such low temps!

Any suggestions?”                                — Justine T.

Well, yes, Justine … actually we do have a suggestion: Get a job closer to home. Just kidding!

To choose the right glove, first consider the weather and the way you ride … and then get the right fit.  Read on … we’ll explain how to do both.

 Women’s Motorcycle Gloves: Sized to Fit a Women’s Hand

Justine, first things first:

When it comes to women motorcycle gloves, women and men both need gloves that are well made, fit well, and offer comfort AND protection.

But that’s where the similarities end.  Men’s gloves will not fit a woman’s hand properly.

That’s because women have long, narrow fingers and hands that are not as wide as men's, around the palm area. So while you may think that a men’s size XS or S will fit you, it really isn’t the best choice.

Since proper fit is essential for proper performance. Olympia makes a variety of styles specifically for a women’s hand.

Women’s Glove Choices for Early Spring & Cool Mornings


So, Justine, for your ride to work in early spring, when morning temps are still pretty cool, we suggest one of two gloves:


    1. Olympia Women’s Aventador with Gore-tex inserts:   Our #4295 Ladies Aventador Winter Glove is one of our warmest gloves. It is made with an insulation called Primaloft, that is comparable to down. In addition the fingertips have extra insulation because that is where you get cold first. It also has a Gore-tex insert that keeps you hands dry, but allows them to breathe.
    2. Olympia Women’s All Season Glove
      Our #4355 Ladies All Season glove is one of most popular gloves. It uses supple leather and a windtex fabric to keep the wind out. We usually recommend this glove for weather down to about 30 degrees, so it may not be as warm as you need for the coldest winter months, if you are a year round rider … but with less insulation that the #4295 it also is a little more flexible.

An “All Season” glove isn’t as warm as a winter glove, but it can still provide the warmth and the flexibility you need when the weather is still pretty cold. 

Good Women’s Glove Choices as Temperatures Warm Up

As weather warms up, its time to stow the winter and even the all season gloves with extra insulation … a good leather glove with a nice comfortable lining provides just that extra bit of warmth.

 A lined leather glove for the transition between seasons, to cut the wind and protect your hands.  Leather is a great choice for this time of year, because the material itself has extra insulating properties and it is naturally wind resistant.

For summer’s heat, fabric is the way to go.  A well designed summer glove will have high performance fabrics that wick moisture from hands, and venting to make sure that hands stay cool and dry, while still protected.  No one likes sweaty hands!

Take a look at our entire women’s motorcycle glove line, for a full range of choices.

We have 11 women’s glove styles that fit your need for protection and comfort:  gloves with gel palms, to cushion vibration, gloves with armored knuckles for extra protection, and many others.

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Photo Credit:  An Olympia customer riding Tail of the Dragon has graciously allowed us use of this photo.  Thank you, E.M.!