Did you enjoy your turkey?

 Has the food coma worn off?

What about Black Friday or Cyber Monday … Did you hit the stores?

Gas prices will soon dip below $2, but the consumer hasn’t opened her wallet … yet.

But here are a few reflections on the retail climate this holiday season …

… and how online shopping trends might be very, very good for glove sales.

Is 30% Off Is The New Full Price? 

What is your retail sales forecast for this gift-giving season? 

With store windows screaming 50% – 80% off, it seems like 30% off is the new regular price. 

How low can discounts go?  And what will the impact be on profits and margins?

Despite the big sales and deep discounts, figures from Black Friday and Thanksgiving Thursday were down roughly 12%. But, sales figures from those two arbitrary shopping days don’t really mean much.

7 of the top 10 shopping days are yet to come

The bigger story?  

Cyber Monday … er, we mean Cyber Week.

Cyber Monday, Cyber Week … Maybe Even Cyber Month

Overall web sales were up 8-16% on Cyber Monday, depending on what sources you listen to. Walmart had their biggest web traffic and sales EVER.

The consumer will probably spend a little more this holiday season than last — but they will spend much more of it ONLINE.

This year, Cyber Week is the new Cyber Monday. Next year?  It just might be CYBER MONTH.

What does this Mean for A Glove Brand? 

We like to save money as well as the next guy …

But we prefer to skip long lines and crowds. Give us Free Shipping, and the same online sales as we’d find in the stores? We’re shopping online. 

Clicks … the new Bricks.

Here are some omnichannel retail strategies for glove brands: 

Whether you’re a retailer adapting to the new omnichannel landscape, or a brand — there are merchandising opportunities in those omnichannel hills.  

Prepare for the new retail realities. Don’t miss out.  

Apparel and Accessories Marketing Suggestions for 2015:

  • Merchandise your line as if retail space were no object (it isn’t!).  Give the consumer a broad product assortment.
  • Make sure margins, inventory, and speed to market are in synch with this new model. (Margins need to accomodate free shipping for a large percentage of sales).
  • Make sure your product delivers.  The consumer researches purchases online … and wants to understand what they are buying. They also share their likes, dislikes, opinions and reviews.  

Get the omnichannel online/offline formula right, and you just might sell more gloves then you ever thought possible.

Need some help merchandising your glove brand?  Give us a call.  In the meantime, enjoy this free resource: