If dad rides a motorcycle, you are in luck this Father’s Day. There are plenty of gifts to tie into his love of riding and show him your appreciation at the same time. Here are the best Father’s Day gifts for your motorcycle-riding dad.more



Good Riding Gloves

Good gloves can do a lot of things for dad on his ride. They can protect his hands if he ever falls, but they also do quite a bit during an average ride. Good motorcycle gloves like the 760 Air Force Gel give dad support and help with airflow to allow his hands to get plenty of air without sweating too much. They also reduce the vibration and increase the amount of grip he has. He will be able to ride much longer with the right motorcycle gloves and the 760 Air Force Gel gloves are some of the best.


Guardian Bells

If you want your motorcycle rider dad to know you are thinking of him every time he rides, pick out a special guardian bell for him to hide on his bike. He can latch the bell right to the bike and remember that you care about his safety. The guardian bells are said to bring good luck and protection to the rider. There are many varieties and you should be able to find one that suits your dad and his bike.


Special Bike Picture

Does dad love simply gazing at his bike? The next time he suits up for a ride, get your camera and try to get a good shot of him on his bike. Then, you can blow the picture up, print it out, and frame it to give to him as a gift. He might hang it in the garage so he can see it before every ride. Or it might end up above the fireplace where everyone he knows will see it!


Olympia Motor Sports Gear

When you visit the Olympia Motor Sports website, you will get plenty of ideas for gifts. You can grab waterproof items and other rain gear, jackets, gloves and plenty of other protective items. If dad doesn’t ride with these items already, he will find his rides safer and more enjoyable after Father’s Day.


Saddle Bags

If dad’s bike doesn’t have saddlebags, he may be limited in what he can carry along with him. If he wants to start riding farther or even taking overnight trips, he will need to be able to carry more with him. Saddlebags come in all different shapes and sizes and they make a really nice, thoughtful gift for any dad who loves to ride.


Brand Wearables

If your dad is proud of not only his bike, but also its brand, visit a store or the brand’s website and grab some t-shirts, bandanas, watches and other items that tout the motorcycle’s brand. He can share his motorcycle pride no matter where he goes.


With a biker-loving dad, there are plenty of gift ideas out there. Even if he seems like a man who has everything already, you can surely find a unique motorcycle-related gift he will truly appreciate and enjoy this Father’s Day.